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Jetta's G-string

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Kettlebells and a garden is all I've found I need although I do have lots of random things that I've collected throughout the years including:


Speed ladder,

2x 4kg club bells,

20kg weighted vest

1x 16kg kettlebell

1x 8kg kettlebell

8kg medicine ball

Sit up bench


Eagle Catcher

Skipping rope

Chin up bar

50kg sandbag

25kg sandbag


I did have dumbbells and a barbell but found myself steering away from them in favour of the kettlebells to do more functional training. It depends ultimately on what your goal is.

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I am also finding it difficult to get to the gym at the minute due to work commitments, so I am setting up my own gym in my garage as well.


So far, got a bench, barbell, ez curl bar, tricep bar, shitloads of plates, dial-adjustable dumbells (expensive but the absolute mutts nuts - get some) and a chin / pullup bar which is designed to be attached to the joists on a garage roof.


I reckon a chin / pullup bar is a must for any home gym. If your setting up in a garage, I would highly recommend the bar I got from Ultimate Body Press. Its a US site but delivery comes from Europe. Prices are in $ but good value for money.

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