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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMK7PsicUsE"</a&gt'>HEW TEARS ARE FALLING AFTERMATH

At the end of HEW Tears Are Falling the unthinkable happened as seen in the video above.


Now HEW Presents AGE OF BLAZE - A whole new chapter in the HEW Saga!


... First matches announced:


Undisputed Number 1 contender to the HEW Title:

Aron Frost takes on Danny Boy Collins.


King Kendo makes his HEW Debut against Brad Slayer.


3 more matches to be announced!


Tickets priced at

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Ladies Match announced for HEW AGE OF BLAZE! Skarlett after making her presence known in the terrible assault at the end of Tears are falling wants to show off her wrestling skills The Commissioner has granted her wish by giving her an opponent of International flare in Fight Club Finland's Aurora Flame!



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New Match Announced : The Leader of the Age of Blaze - Danny Blaze has been causing havoc in HEW ever since last October when he turned his back on the HEW fans, since then he seems hellbent on destroying the company and in particular The Devils Playboys. at Tears are Falling, Danny put his master plan into action by organizing a brutal and violent attack on The HEW Tag Team Champions, in doing so forming his new Age Of Blaze faction! as you can see here....


Video footage from HEW Tears are Falling 2012


Danny Blaze has demanded a match to show his wrestling skills at HEW Age Of Blaze and the Commissioner has granted him a match. At Tears are falling a young man made his debut promising to rid British Wrestling of all the bullies! and that is what the Commissioner has asked of him - to rid HEW of it's biggest bully!


Danny Blaze at Age Of Blaze will take on The Bully Buster Milky O' Hagan.

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MAIN EVENT ANNOUNCED! and not what you'd expect!


The Commissioner has announced that at Age Of Blaze the main event as we already knew would be a tag team match featuring Age Of Blaze members The Dominator and The Rage better known together as Death Row.


The Opponents has kind of come as a shock as Commissioner Cox refused The Devils Playboys Sam Knee and Brett Meadows's participation in the match due to as she put it for grounds of public safety and there own well being knowing that there soul mission would be revenge for what happened last time at Tears Are Falling, in there place the team of Alex Young and TJ Daniels - The Young Ones will take on Death Row instead.


Not only was The Devils Playboys refused the match they have been officially been banned from the building for the reasons above. Both Sam Knee and Brett Meadows tried to appeal and overturn the decision but was denied by the Commissioner who is the overall shareholder in Herts & Essex Wrestling.


Upon Leaving the HEW Office, Both members of The Devils Playboys refused to comment on the situation, only as Sam Knee shouted back at us "Have you ever known us to do as were told???" before slamming the car door shut and Brett Meadows drove away.


This can only mean one thing.... complete and utter Chaos!


The Dominator and The Rage - Death Row vs. The Young Ones.



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Commissioner Cox came out to address the crowd and reminding them that for the following show they were about to see The Devils Playboys were banned from the building for there own protection due to what happened at the previous show.


Danny Boy Collins beat Marco Marinelli


Danny Blaze defeated The Bully Buster Milky O' Hagan


King Kendo with his Manager Jetta beat Brad Slayer


Aron Frost beat Mitchell Starr


Aurora Flame beat Skarlett


Death Row - The Rage and The Dominator w/ Danny Blaze and Skarlett in there corner beat The Young Ones, after the match Danny Blaze said that his new faction Age Of Blaze was here to destroy The Devils Playboys, Commissioner Cox then came out again to once again advise that due to the contract of Death Row, they cannot go anywhere near The Devils Playboys, Danny Blaze said they could do what they want and then left through the fire door.

As Blaze walked through the door a steel dustbin hit him square between the eyes, as Death Row and Skarlett looked on from inside the ring, the back door burst open and The Devils Playboys hit the ring to a massive ovation from the crowd, and a full scale brawl ensued after being broken up by security Sam Knee took the microphone and said The Playboys were attacked last time and now they are here to fight.

Then the challenge was made and accepted on Saturday September 22nd at Braintree Leisure Center for the HEW Tag Team titles The Devils Playboys will defend the belts against Death Row in a tag team streetfight!!! also if The Devils Playboys win they get 5 mins in the ring with Danny Blaze and if that happens Death Row or Skarlett cannot interfere


attendance 125 sold out!

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