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Falling Starr Wrestling


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This is chance for any aspiring wrestler to get in the ring and show us what they've got. Falling Starr Wrestling is always on the look out for trainees both old and new to put on their shows, so if you think you've got what it takes then book your place now.


This is a ...one day seminar which takes place from 11:00 am until 5:30pm at the West Lynn Sports & Social Club, PE34 3LB. The session costs

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Most of the trainees have been training two days a week for the last 7 months and they wrestle on the shows after training against each other. Any new trainess would not wrestle on the show especially only having 6 hours of training

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So does that mean your gonna train someone in six hours to wrestle on a show??



Thanks for the inquiry. At Falling Starr we've been running a wrestling school in East Anglia for over a year now so anyone that competes on our shows is experienced, skilled and more then capable of putting on a great show.


The details posted by Flash are for the training seminar that is taking place on that day. As I mentioned before, we have been running a school for over a year, we have trainees from all over the country, some of which are breaking on to the UK wrestling scene making a name for themselves in various promotions. Some of the experienced trainees will be wrestling on the show with the rest of the card made up by experienced professionals. At the same time we have allot of enquirers about from new trainees so the seminar offers new trainees their first taste of Wrestling with a show at the end for them to watch so we can demonstrate to them what we do.


Here is the FB info for the event Falling Starr King's Lynn Show


This show is also a prelude to a much bigger show we are running in the town later this year.


I hope this answers any concerns you may have.

Please take the time to check us out of Facebook Falling Starr

Thanks very much


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More names announced are 2 up and coming stars of Woman's wrestling-


Cherry- Training at both IPW & Falling Starr, Cheery has made leaps and bounds over the last year and is beginning to cause a stir on the wrestling scene.



Lady Penelope- A product of the WAW Wrestling Academy, trained by Sweet Saraya, Brittany Knight alongside the rest of the Knight family and host of trainers, Penelope has the foundations of being a huge star. She has impressed on WAWW & WAW shows..most notably, recently taking on mentor Shimmer Champion Sweet Saraya in a hard fought encounter in Cambridge. This will be her Falling Starr debut. Lady Penelope Facebook





These girls are a fantastic addition to a great line up in King's Lynn on May 26th. Falling Starr Wrestling

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Just a small piece of advise, why dont you get Marty Scurll put on the poster, he has featured on a TV show which had a primetime slot on tv


Thanks for the advice. The poster was already designed, printed and dished out by the time Marty came on board. Obviously Marty would have featured otherwise. This show is a prelude to a much larger show we are putting on in the town a little later this year so there is also a case of not putting all our eggs in one basket with the advertising for this show. Are you interested in coming down? It'll defiantly be worth a look!!


Marty is also part f the team of trainers for a coaching seminar we are hosting that day. Falling Starr Training Seminar

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