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Loads of Various Wrestling Books


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Hi all, selling my collection of wrestling books. I will list them all below and am open to offers on anyone buying more than one. Posting from Belfast, anyone local wanting to collect is welcome of course. Some are signed by the wrestler from when i met them at house shows and signings, so would a little bit more for them obviously. Pics can be Posted if needed.


Please PM with an offer for any you like, as i dont have a set price in mind for them.


Mankind - Have a nice day * Signed by Mick Foley* Hardback

Foley is Good - Mick Foley Softback

The Hardcore Diaries - Mick Foley HArdback

The Grapple Manual - Kendo Nagasaki ***Signed by Kendo***

Cross Rhodes - Goldust

Sex, Lies and Headlocks

Rey Mysterio - Behind the mask

Stone Cold Truth - Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Rumble Road

In the Pit with Piper - Roddy Piper

Million Dollar Man - Ted Dibiase

Kurt Angle - It`s True It`s True

The Rock Says.... - the rock

Listen you Pencil neck Geeks - ~Freddie Blassie

Holywood Hulk Hogan - Hulk Hogan (WWE Book)

MY LIfe outside the ring - Hulk Hogan ( Non WWE)

Batista Unleasehd - Batista

Heartbreak and Triumph - Shawn Michaels ***Signed***

Adam Copeland on Edge - ***SIGNED****

THE Hardy Boyz (WWE)

Walking a Golden Mile - William Regal

Its good to be the King - Jerry Lawler

Ric Flair to be the man - Ric Flair

Death Clutch - Brock Lesnar

Contraversy creates cash - Eric Bischoff


Some non wrestling books also if anyone is interested


Football - Bloody Hell - Alex Ferguson

World of Warcraft - The Shattering

World of Warcraft - Rise of the Horde

Terry Pratchett - The Colour of magic

Heroes - Saving Charlie

Louis Theroux - Call of the weird

Kevin Smith - My boring ass life

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Ricky Gervais Presents the World of Karl Pilkington

Terry Pratchett - Snuff

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