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BCW Return to East Kilbride


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After a long absense from our hometown of East Kilbride we return on Friday 30th March for a night of action packed wrestling.


The first match announced is a re-match from Kilmarnock Grand hall when recently we seen the biggest surprise when the first ever tag team in BCW history T2K (Wolfgang & Darkside) joined forces one more time to battle the tag team champions Blaze,n,Rampage and not only did they battle them they walked away on the night crowned as new tag team champions.


Blaze,N,Rampage were given harsh words backstage by Aggression leader Kid Fite and ordered to go out in East Kilbride and get those tag belts back to the Aggression where they belong .But as u can imagine taking the belts off such a force as T2K isnt going to be easy A team that has battled in some of the greatest and hard hitting matches in BCW history and some of the most memorable ladder matches known the duo see Blaze,N,Rampage as little boys with a lot to learn and are quite frankly enjoying the feeling of gold round there waists.



Blaze,N,Rampage v.s T2K



BCW Managment

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Sorry for the lack of information guys but here is lineup so far for this Fridays show in Ballerup Hall East Kilbride


Tag Team Title Match


Blaze N Rampage v.s T2K


Openweight Championship match


Sean South v.s Andy Wild


Also on the bill...


Chaos v.s "Bad Boy" Liam Thomson



Stevie Xavier v.s Scott Maverick



Jack Jester v.s B.T Gunn



Also Aggression leader Kid Fite will be coming to the ring with Charles Boddington to address the BCW fans


We look forward to seeing all our loyal BCW fans this Friday in East Kilbride for yet again a night of non stop action :)


BCW Managment

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