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Smackdown Spoilers 9/3

Big Rob

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*Drew McIntyre pinned Hornswoggle to regain his Smackdown roster job.


*WWE United States champion Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger in a Steel Cage Match.


*Mark Henry defeated Ezekiel Jackson.


*Teddy Long defeated John Laurinaitis. Before the match, Ace said that if Long won, he was going to make Aksana face Kane. Kane came down but Orton came out and laid Kane out with an RKO. Long rolled up Ace from behind.


*World champion Daniel Bryan and Sheamus have a face to face over their World title match at Wrestlemania. Sheamus says Bryan shouldn't hide behind AJ. AJ goes to speak and Bryan tells her to shut up.


*Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated WWE Tag Team champions Primo & Epico in a non-title bout.


*Randy Orton & Sheamus & Big Show defeated Miz & Cody Rhodes & Daniel Bryan when Orton pinned Miz. Kane returned and brawled with Orton.


Credit: PWInsider.com

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More detailed




* Lilian Garcia kicked off SmackDown with a look back at the United States Title win by Santino Marella on RAW. There's a cage hanging above the ring.


* The cage is lowered and out comes David Otunga and John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis announces Santino vs. Swagger for the US Title in the cage.


* Santino Marella retained the US Title against Jack Swagger in the cage. Dolph Ziggler tried to interfere but caught a pair of Cobras from Santino. Santino escaped the cage to win after Vickie Guerrero accidentally hit Swagger with the cage door.


* Backstage segment with Teddy Long begging John Laurinaitis to cancel Aksana vs. Kane but he won't. Ace then makes Long vs. Laurinaitis for later with the winner deciding if Kane vs. Aksana happens.


* Drew McIntyre comes to the ring and John Laurinaitis has given him a shot at getting his job back. His mystery opponent is The Great Khali. David Otunga comes out instead and reveals Drew's new opponent.


* Drew McIntyre beat Hornswoggle to earn his job back.


* Mark Henry defeated Ezekiel Jackson.


* Teddy Long beat John Laurinaitis, who was wearing black shoes and black spandex under his track suit. Laurinaitis started the match by telling Long to lay down for him. Kane came out but Randy Orton attacked him with an RKO on the floor. Out of all this Teddy rolled Laurinaitis up for the win.


* Kofi Kingston and R-Truth beat Epico and Primo in a non-title match.


* Michael Cole brought Sheamus and Daniel Bryan out to the ring for a segment. AJ Lee came out with Bryan and at one point he yelled at her and told her to shut up when she tried to talk. Cody Rhodes came out to pick on Big Show's WrestleMania history some more. Show came out as did The Miz and Randy Orton so we have a six-man match.


* Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus beat Cody Rhodes, The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Kane came out after the match and brawled into the crowd with Orton. They fought back to the ring and Orton countered a chokeslam with an RKO to end the show.

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