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Professor Paul's Bin

Embarrassing Moments You've Had as a fan?

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Another daft memory I remember was at a TNA House Show in Manchester 2010.


Me and friend were pissed after the show queing for a cash machine. As we were in line I turned around to make eye contact with a big fella so I went to my mate and said "Fuck! He look's well like Big Rob" and the big fella behind me replied with "I wish" and chuckled. I turned around to realize it was Doug Williams. Felt like a right twat.


Williams was a really nice guy though. We had a chat queing up and some photos. After about a 5 minute wait for the cash machine. I got to the front and completely forgot I had been queing for the cash machine so walked out of the way. Then realizing I needed to go back in line I pushed back and some girls started kicking off. Williams got involved and said "Settle down ladies". Top notch guy.



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