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DWA Training with Johnny Kidd and Joel Redman

DWA Wrestling

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On Saturday February the 4th the DWA are holding a special 3 hour training seminar with wrestling legend Johnny Kidd and DWA star Joel Redman.


Johnny Kidd is one of the last remaining world of sport stars who is a master at the british style of professional wrestling, this is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to train with one of the worlds very best technical wrestlers.


the training will work as follows:


2-3 Warm up with Joel Redman (Streching/cardio and drills to get you all warmed up)


3-5 Training with Johnny Kidd


and then in the evening why not stay and watch the DWA host a action packed show with Johnny Kidd going one on one with DWA champion Nick Riley


The cost for this training is

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