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ATTACK! Pro Wrestling charity show in Cardiff, 11/02/12


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Holy daffodil, we're coming to Wales! Of course, you'd already know this if you were a fan of us on facebook ;).


That's right! On Saturday Febuary 11th, Cathays Community Centre will play host to some of the most exciting indy wrestling on British shores, as some of the country's top junior heavyweights face off. The show will feature:

2011 CHIKARA YLC competitor, "White Lightning" MARK ANDREWS;

One of the UK's most intense cruisers, "Wild Boar" MIKE HITCHMAN;

The Brummy duo of Pete and Damian Dunne, collectively THE DUNNE BROS;

A homecoming for the Scott D'Amore trained "Pride of Wales" EDDIE DENNIS;

Newport-based veteran "Flyin" MIKE BIRD;

and many more.


All profits raised from ticket sales, refreshment sales, and ATTACK! merchandise sales on the night will be donated to local charity RECOVERY CYMRU, who aim to empower individuals to recover from substance use problems. When we heard about the hard work that goes into their work, we wanted to help out. To find out more about them, visit www.recoverycymru.org.uk.



Cathays Community Centre,

36-38 Cathays Terrace,



CF24 4HX.



Doors open: 7pm

First bell: 7.30pm

The show will be concluded before 9.30pm.



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Andrews and Dunne will be awesome, hopefully it will be available to view online

It's going to be a cracker alright! We do like to put stuff online for you all, although we won't decide until after the event what content will be given away for free. We're also getting the show filmed for DVD though, so the whole thing will be available in that format for anyone that can't make it.

Anyway, we announced this match last night on Facebook/Twitter, now here it is for the rest of you...

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Some great news today, this Saturday's show has SOLD OUT! Please don't come along if you don't have a ticket, you won't get in.


We realise that to some of you, this may actually be bad news. But if you've not got your ticket yet, FEAR NOT! We've got even more good news! We've got one final pair of tickets that we're gonna put up for grabs in a CHARITY AUCTION! Want a last shot at getting in to see the action whilst also raising a few more quid for Recovery Cymru? Check back here tomorrow: the auction goes live on eBay at 7pm, for 24 hours only!




We'll come back tomorrow to pimp the auction link to y'all. See you then!



The ATTACK! Pro Wrestling team

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I'm back, as promised!! The charity auction for the final pair of tickets went up on eBay at 7pm tonight, and they'll be up until 7pm on Friday. If you fancy being part of our sold-out crowd this Saturday, this is your last chance!

Linky linky link!




We've still got another match we're planning to announce in advance, so I'll probably be back soon to pimp that. Happy bidding!



The ATTACK! Pro Wrestling team

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The show is TOMORROW, so here's the final bits to announce before we rock Cathays Community Centre!


First, a reminder that the last-chance auction has finished, and the show is now 100% SOLD OUT. There will be no tickets left on the door, please don't come if you haven't got one.


I don't think we ever mentioned this on here, so secondly, our pals at Defend Indy Wrestling are hosting an afterparty once the show is finished. It'll be at the nearby bar Koko Gorillaz, and if you have a ticket to the show, you'll get in for free (so long as you're over 18!). If you don't have a ticket to the show but would still like to come along for a beer with the wrestlers, drop a few quid into the charity bucket and we'll let you in too. It'll probably get going at about 10.


Finally, we announced another match on our Facebook & Twitter last night, here it is for you...




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For those interested to hear how Saturday went down, a great sold out crowd packed Cathays Community Centre, and enjoyed a tremendous night of wrestling. The show has been filmed for DVD, so we'll get you news on that sometime soon. When we get hold of the footage we'll probably put something up for free too, because we're nice like that! The results were:


5. "White Lightning" Mark Andrews def. "Dynamite" Pete Dunne

4. "Delicious" Damian Dunne def. Jeff Cornell

3. "The Pride of Wales" Eddie Dennis def. "Flyin" Mike Bird

2. Kev Dunphy & Adam Day def. Tiger Kid & Delta Rush Jr

1. "Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman def. Flash Morgan


Mandrews and Pete Dunne put on an outstanding main event, which was received with a standing ovation at the end of the match. Eddie Dennis and Mike Bird tore the place down in the semi-main too, but the boys from the top to the bottom of the card were brilliant.

Also worth mentioning some of the young up-and-comers involved. Jeff Cornell showed exactly why he's so highly rated by putting in another top level performance against Damian Dunne. I also found out this weekend that Tiger Kid, who is just 16 years of age, has qualified for the British Powerlifting Championships later in the year. Some bright futures there!


I'm expecting to get all the photos from the event in a couple of days too. Keep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for those!

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