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BCW Returns to Kilmarnock Grand Hall


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  • 4 weeks later...

Well folks this show is fast approaching us and i apologise for the lack of matches announced but heres one to wet your lips...


"Bad Boy" Liam Thomson v.s Stevie Xavier


Both men looking to make an impact this year for BCW with Xavier on a cocky high after No Blood,No Sympathy and being part of the nastiest group BCW have ever witnessed "The Aggression" he doesnt seem bothered at the prospect of going one one one against the Bad boy but will his power trip fall flat on its face as thomson has been involved in some of the most mouth watering matches ever produced and against some of the biggest superstars to challenge him ...


Will thomsons experience just be too much for a young xavier to handle or will the combined knowledge of the Aggression be enough pick up the victory???


more matches shall be announced very soon


BCW Managment

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just signed to next weeks event you will witness..


Wolfgang v.s C.J Banks


Also remember that very special announcement that is set to make this years No blood ,No Sympathy by far the best event we have ever produced this announcement will be made live in Kilmarnock Grand Hall


BCW Management

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This morning we received a video message from BCW Owner Colin Mckay regarding his situation for this Fridays event in Kilmarnock Grand Hall...


THis is what he had to say--





So Folks there you have it this friday you will see finally one on on


Falls Count Anywhere


The Highlander v.s Kid Fite


If the Aggression leader Defeats the 15 year veteran of the ring Highlander vows he will retire from the world of proffesional wrestling!!


Be there this friday to witness what has to be a match not to be missed


BCW Managment

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At No,Blood No Sympathy we seen the biggest screw job in years when BCW Owner Colin Mckay aka The Highlander was screwed over by his own brother Charles Boddington only to join what was already an unstoppable force in The Aggression but it seems highlander is laughing at all this and has took it upon himself to set a match between Tag Team Champions Blaze n Rampage and a mystery tag team!!!.

This has infuriated The Aggression faction and they have appointed Charles Boddington to be at ringside for this match to make sure the Gold isnt at risk but when hearing this all Highlander could do was grin saying "Even Boddington cant save the champs now" !


What does he mean by this? who is stepping between the ropes in Kilmarnock Grand Hall??


BCW Tag Team Title Match


Blaze n Rampage w/Boddington v.s ????????????



Find out this Friday in Kilmarnock Grand Hall


BCW Managment

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