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Next Level Wrestling Presents: Open Challenge - 13.01.2012


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Announced to be at the show:


"White Lightning" Mark Andrews.

Pete Dillon.

Damien Dunne.

Ryan Smile.

Kid Fite.

Smethwicks own "Sean Midnight".

Lord Graham Thomas III.

John The Yob.

Chainsaw Psycho.

Marshall X.




Along With This on Saturday 14th January 2012

Kid Fite will be holding a training seminar at the Old Comrades Club


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Extra bit of information on the Kid Fite Training Seminar. He will not only be training guy's with his 10 year's knowledge, but he will also be scouting for Premier British Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling up in Scotland. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to both learn and impress.

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Two Matches Announced and Kid Fite Talks


This is a rematch from Next Level Wrestling: Where It All Begins. Jon The Yob has issued the challenge towards Sean Midnight after claiming that the "Hometown Hero" of Smethwick in, Sean Midnight cheated his way to victory after using a steel chair in the match. Not willing to refuse a fight Sean Midnight has accepted the challenge.



Jon The Yob Vs Sean Midnight





Kid Fite Offers His Thoughts On Mark Andrews





Mark Andrews Vs Kid Fite

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Looking forward to this, never seen Mark Andrews, heard good things about him, Kid Fite is a great worker so it should be a good match


any news on other matches yet?


Those announced are the only one so far, as soon as i hear more i will announce them to you!

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Results from the show:


"Loco" Mike Mason def. Kid Lykos & The Firefly

"Dynamite" Pete Dunne def. Ryan Smile

Jon The Yob def. Sean Midnight

Lord Graham Thomas III def. Chainsaw Psycho




Damien Dunne def. "Pride of Wales" Eddie Dennis

Marshall X def. Corey "1" Dem

Kid Fite def. Mark Andrews.


NSW were also in attendance and accepted the open challenge set by Corey "1" Dem. The challenge was originally for Abass the Iranian Warrior, however he had to pull out due to a toothache, Marshall X stepped up in his place for the hardcore match.

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How was the Kid Fite/Mark Andrews matchup? Both have impressed me before.


Can't remember it fully but it was a cracking match. I left the venue for the last bus to start with however found out the last bus from the venue wasn't until late, so i went back in and the match had already started. Also had a small guy enter the ring after the match as he wanted to beat up Kid Fite however the ring announcer got in quickly to intervene and send him on his way.


The training seminar the day after was also a great day (from experiencing it slightly).

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