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3CW returns after an extended break to present DARKEST DEEDS VIII. Traditionally one of the biggest shows of the year, this year DARKEST DEEDS promises to follow up May's Anniversary Show with a bang!




The MAIN EVENT will feature new 3CW Champion, the 3 Count Mafia's Martin Kirby as he faces nemesis and former long reigning Champion and fan favourite "Mexican Sensation" El Ligero in a LUMBERJACK MATCH. Members of both the hated 3 Count Mafia and 3 Count Wrestling's roster will stand at ringside, and this promises to be the definition of a volatile situation! Home grown 3CW talent Kirby showed his true colours earlier in the year, siding with his trainer Dragon Aisu and his band of long standing 3CW talent as they try and "take back" 3 Count Wrestling. Ahead of Darkest Deeds their plans have come to full fruition and the control the 3CW Title - but for how long? Not long if El Ligero can manage it!


Another feature attraction will see the feared DAMNED NATION reunited under the 3 Count Mafia banner! It has been some time since 3CW unwittingly unleashed the Damned Nation upon British Wrestling, as they went on to cause havoc around the nation. Now they return, as "Mr 3CW" Cameron Kraze will team up with "the Devil Himself", Dragon Aisu. Intriguingly, with Kraze only having shown his true colours towards the latter portion of the Anniversary Show, we'll now see him face off against his seemingly former tag team partner, employee and friend, "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" Mohmed Ameen. Ameen, flying high as 3CW North East Champion, has well and truly overcome his self-inflicted financial woes and after a successful tag team run with Kraze, has won himself a place in the hearts of the 3CW faithful having captured the 3CW North East Championship. Now, he faces an impossible situation - we've seen him battle Dragon Aisu repeatedly, but can he go to war with a man he may well consider still to be his best friend and mentor? We'll see! He's certainly not without capable help, as he'll team up with recent Mujushin Cup Tournament winner, the exceptional Lewis "The Dragon" Chambers!


With all the intrigue and suspense, sometimes it's just about good wrestling, and at the Anniversary Show "American Idol" Iain Robinson and Kris Travis certainly provided that in spades! Travis was victorious at the time, something that infuriated the agent of the American Idol, Simon G Money. Thus the rematch has been signed, which can only be a positive all round!






Martin Kirby

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