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LOOKING FOR: 'Wrestling Ring, New/ Used, 14ft x 14ft min.


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Good morning everybody,What a fine day it is going to be! Sitting at work, figuring out what needs to be done to open a small, non-professional but enjoyable promotion.I have had various ideas plotting around for ages and due to medical reasons I am unable to compete full time nor train with out the risk of a further injury at this time!However; my love for wrestling has brought me to be believe in fairness and enjoyment of the sport and from past experience the excitement and anxiety that comes with confronting an audience in there hundreds is what the art of wrestling is all about, as a result I looked around for ways I can get people who cant afford the training or have medical reasons for not travelling the distance and now the time has come.I call this 'Project'.. Project MOE and it although it isn't a "Professional" promotional idea, it is far from being backyard, for this I require a decent ring, a committee and a way nof funding, all of which is on the way (except the ring).If any one knows of a place I could get a ring for a good (cheap) price and or/ a freebe etc then I'd much appreciate it and favours would be rewarded kindly.I hope this isn't mistaken for being yet another "backyard" idea and support would be appreciated.RegardsDC10

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