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IWS DVDs wanted


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I'm looking for the following to round off a collection. Please do send a PM if you have any.


Hardcore Heat 2009 (if it was released?)

Know your Enemies 2009 (as above)

Violent Valentine 2009 (as above)

X 2009

Seasons Beatings 2009


Blood Sweat and Beers 2008

Un FN Sanctioned 2008

Hardcore Heat 2008

Summer Slaughter 2008

Freedom to Fight 2008

Scarred 4 life 2008

Know your enemies 2008

Violent Valentine 2008

Praise the Violence 2008


Seasons Beatings 2007

Freedom to Fight 2007


Un F'n Sanctioned 2005


"V" 2004


Summer Slaughter 2001




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Hi Mate Give me a week to check but i think i maybe able to do you all the earlier releases even Best of the Fan Favourites original up to some of the 2008 events :)

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Hey Buddy Well had a good look and unfortunately ive lost some of them and only have the cases i can do you these : Blood Sweat and Beers 2005 Disc 1Scarred 4 Life 2005Extreme Dream 2005 1 & 2 Breakout 2005 Disc 1IWS Best of Fan Favourites (Signed Arsenal & Hardcore Ninjas & Kurt Lauderdale Before he got sentenced to Prison) Let me know buddy

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