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New Scene Wrestling Presents..Eddie Edwards


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New Scene Wrestling Presents...... Ring In The New


Just announced via Facebook , the current reigning Ring Of Honor World Champion Davey Richards will go one on one with a former Ring Of Honor World Champion Eddie Edwards


Matches Announced -


Eddie Edwards


Marty Scurll


Jack 'Grappler' Gallagher


*More Details - and more matches and Wrestlers will be announced in the next coming Days , Weeks and Months


Ticket Prices - Children -

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I can see the date being a problem with this show.


I don't drive and I don't think the trains are running new years day so I won't be able to attend this show.


Shame, seeing Richards vs Edwards would have been great. Just don't know how they will top Best in the World

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Next year? I'd look for Edwards vs. Richards to take place at Final Battle 2011.


The problem with a match like this is, what do people prefer? Would they like to see a title match even if that spoils the outcome of the match beforehand? Or would they prefer a non-title match with the winner up in the air?

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Trains do run on New Years Day actually Kincaid


The Way That I look at it is .... I'm going down to this event whatever... It is probably going to be ROH's biggest iPPV match next year and it's going to be live in the UK so I'm going.....


Really? Then it's back on I'll be attending. Think the gf was trying to put me off by telling me that :/

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