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HEW Is Back! HELLOWEEN 2011 - Saturday October 29th

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HEW, after a Summer Hiatus is Back! and back with bang! Presenting it's annual Halloween Show - HELLOWEEN 2011 at the Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall on Saturday October 29th.


First Matches announced:


For the HEW Tag Team Championship - Champions The Assassins: Barbarian Karl Kramer and Rowdy Ricky Knight with manager Sweet Saraya will defend the belts and take on the former tag team champions - The Devils Playboys: Brett Meadows and Sam Knee.


Sam Slam returns to HEW to take on The Monster Judas in what should be a hard hitting heavyweight contest.


3 more exciting matches to be announced.


At the last show in July Delicious Danny Blaze's half time raffle show was cut short when the Zebra Kid came out and literately took Danny apart finishing him off with a power-bomb through a table. After the match Danny Blaze shouted at HEW officials that they could kiss his backside, he then stormed out of the building and until today nobody had heard anything from Danny Blaze. At Midday today Commissioner Cox received a Text message from Danny Blaze saying he would be in attendance at Helloween and he has something to say... to her! nobody knows what as of yet, but Danny seems to have a problem, and on October 29th we will find out!

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New match announcements:


The Zebra Kid, making his violent presence known at the last HEW show in July, plans on making Helloween 2011 no exception as he will take on on of the very best high flying stars in the country The Shooting Star Alex Young. Can Alex do the unthinkable and defeat the aggressive Zebra Kid? we shall see on October 29th.


Making his return to HEW after a serious career threatening back injury, Perfection Personified Scott Fusion is back in action and wants to return in style, standing in his way is another promising young star - TJ Daniels, it's No Retreat No Surrender time for Daniels as he takes his biggest test to date in Scott Fusion.


Lastly one more match will be added, featuring a Star making his welcome return to HEW after a very long absence, stay tuned to find out who it is very soon.

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Zebra kid put him through a table? Sweet, ya gonna let him do hardcore stuff again? (With a noticeable ban on chair action near old ladies, natch) count me in if so.


I've booked my ticket on that alone!


It's a fine start, granted, but for me I reckons it needs to be an actual hardcore match from zebra to get me along.

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Danny Blaze sent an email to the HEW Commissioner Ms. Cox this morning demanding transportation to and from the venue, he also demands his own dressing room with no admiting to any one except himself and his solicitor. Mr Blaze also makes no hesitation that he will address the crowd and the commissioner at Helloween when he proclaims he will shock the foundations of HEW to the very core.


Both Devils Playboys members Brett Meadows and Sam Knee have tried to contact Danny Blaze, it's no secret the 3 wrestlers are all good friends with each other, however Danny has ignored phonecalls and emails from The Playboys and it is not known what Danny Blaze's agenda is....


More Danny Blaze updates as we get them.

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Due to circumstances Karl Kramer will not be appearing on October 29th at HEW Helloween as advertised. However The Commissioner has ruled That Rowdy Ricky Knight must find a new tag team partner by Helloween on October 29th and The Tag Team Championship match against The Devil's Playboys WILL still happen and the belts WILL still be defended.

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At the begining of the show Commisioner Cox came out to ringside and said she heard somebody had something to say which brought out Danny Blaze who went into a tiraid of verbal abuse blaming the fans for all his losses recently and his so called friends the commisioner herself calling her Jayne which is her real name and the devils playboys saying that while he was being "made to look stupid" his so called friends were wrestling in the main event while he was out doing the raffle. The Commisioner said if you don't like it Danny you can leave so with that he took his bag and left through the front door.


Sam Slam beat Judas.


Scott Fusion beat TJ Daniels.


The Devils Playboys beat Ricky Knight and Chuck Cyrus to become the new HEW Tag Team Champions. after the match Sam Knee told Ricky knight he would like to say the feud is over but there is one more match that must take place and the fans have spoken and then challenged Knight for his HEW Heavyweight belt at The Xmas show December 17th. Knight said he would not give an answer straight away but would give an answer on November 18th at Harlow.


Zebra Kid beat Alex young


Danny Blaze then interupted the raffle claiming he does have a contract and does want to wrestle, The Commisioner then came out and said well there is a wrestler here who's opponant didn't turn up which brought out Norway's Aron Frost.


Aron Frost beat Danny Blaze.


after the match Danny went nuts trashing the ringside area and throwing a member of the crew across the stage.


MC: Mal Mason

refferee: Jimmy Ocean

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