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UWE Bridlington Spa Royal Hall

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Well in the end i attended 3 of what i think was 7 shows at the rather nice Spa Royal Hall, Presented by the UWE. The first show i saw was the very first one of the summer season & although not fantastic, certainly was not as awful as i had at first predicted. Secondly was the Bank Holiday Matinee show, That i have to say in all fairness was beyond awful IMO.


Which leads me to my final show & the final show of the season (tonight Sept 5th), Well what a difference a week makes! This weeks show was every bit as good as last weeks was bad! In no small part due the arrivals of Paul Malen & Kris Travis, who both put on fantastic performances. Not to say that any of the other workers on the regular roster were bad, as there seemed liked a dogged determination to right the wrongs of the week previous. Everyone had there working shoes on tonight & it was also a nice touch at the end of the night, when the locker room came out to thank everyone that had helped support the promotion over the season.


I am happy to report that in lots of ways i was wrong about this promotion & while not all matches were fantastic over the 3 shows, lessons have been learnt. It was also nice to see the likes of Jack dynamo & Brutus Pain seem to grow in confidence/Ability with the experience a busy summer schedule brings.


It must have been tough for the promoters, as Monday night in Bridlington is not Las Vegas! The venue is huge & the crowd was not (49 by my count :( ) This for me made the night even more enjoyable because they ignored the temptation going through the motions & instead gave everyone their money"s worth (

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