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Clearing my collection


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Hello guys!


New to the forum and starting with an unusual one, but sure you will get to know me soon. Anyway, I am selling off a great portion of my collection to fund other things in my life now married.


Although new to here, I used to be a regular user of The Wrestling Channel forum back in the day under the name of MattitudeFollower and later Rated-R-Superstar.


Anyway, I plan to be a regular user here, but thought I would try and sell off a few things while I remember. If anyone wants anything I am open to offers and I am not looking for silly prices, just want to get rid!


Anyway, give me a PM or email (joineemorris@hotmail.co.uk) if you are interested.




I have more than 60 Power Slam magazines, mainly from 2000 - 2006. Please contact if you are looking for a specific edition, otherwise, I am looking to offload as many as possible in one hit.

I also have 20-30 WWE/Raw magazines from the same period.




Have dozens, all worn however, but washed and in top notch condition. Include DX 69 jersey in L, Randy Orton RKO tour, The Hurricane comic book shirt, MVP chain, many others, if there's a specific one you want, again please ask.




Mick Foley: Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatcoks

Batista Unleashed

Cheating Death Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero story

If They Only Knew: Chyna

Mick Foley: The Hardcore Diaries

The Hardy Boyz: Exist to Inspire

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

It's Good to be The King...Sometimes: Jerry Lawler

Lita: A Less Travelled ROAD

Mick Foley: Foley is Good




Tagged Classocs: Wrestlemania XV and Hell Yeah

Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind

Edge: A Decade of Decadence

The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection

Mick Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses

The Rise and Fall of ECW




WWF Box Set (four discs individually numbered box set) - inlcudes WWF's first four CD's - Wrestlemania: The Album, WWF Full Metal, WWF Music Vol 2, WWF Music Vol 3.

WWF The Music Volume 4 (chipped CD case)

WWF The Music Volume 5

WWF Forceable Entry

WWF Anthology (three disc set)

WWE Originals

WWE Theme Addict

WWE Wreckless Intent

WWE Raw The Music: Greatest Hits

WWE The Music Volume 8

WWE Voices: The Music Volume 9




WWE Undisputed Championship Title Belt. Version Two exact replica of the one JBL held for so long. In a WWE cloth bag. Name plate blank. Mint condition.


WWE WrestleMania 20 the box set: A limited edition collection, featuring a three DVD set of the event, event poster, six photographs, badge, a laminated ticket, laminated backstage ticket holder, senitype of a moment (35mm film cut) all in a box set with a number. Only 6,000 ever made. Mint condition.



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