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A New Chapter In British Wrestling History

Team VPW

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On Thursday 18th August, Varsity Pro Wrestling, The UK's No.1 Sports Entertainment Company make british wrestling history holding a one night tournament to crown the first ever VPW Champion!


The historic Portsmouth Guildhall will play host to this true global affair featuring stars from USA, Mexico and United Kingdom with Former WWE, TNA star and X Division Champion Daivari already pencilled for the line up along side Britain's rising sensation Mr Moonsault Jake McCluskey and VPW's newest star, 6'6 Mountain of Muscle Leon Shah who made his professional wrestling debut last year facing hardcore Holly before carrying out intensive training under the guidance of former WWE star Billy Gunn.


VPW makes every effort to raise the bar with each event time and time again, from the introduction of indoor firework displays, to the involvement of main stream celebrities such as ITV chat show host Paul O'Grady, Big Brother winners, TV and Radio Hosts and this event will be no exception. A guarantee has been given that this night will be no different with Varsity Pro Wrestling reaching new heights holding the event which promises to be the highlight of the british wrestling calendar in 2011.


With VPW's recent talent swap agreement with NWA-Mexico firmly sealed, a name is set to be announced over the next couple of weeks of the Lucha Star set to grace british soil and certainly add some extra flavour to an already anticipated tournament for Varsity Pro Wrestling.


Portsmouth Guildhall Box Office: 023 9282 4355


To sample the live VPW experience please click here http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=Xc2cfZK-Kok



please click on our event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1435...236740139681415

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4 days to go until this event!!


Still wondering how this makes british wrestling history, can you explain


Edit: don't mean to sound like a smart arse, I'm always to the point when on here on my phone, just curious

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Varsity Pro Wrestling is a British wrestling company, with it title tournament to crown its very first champion which will be defended around the UK with contenders from around the world, therefore making british wrestling history.



Sample the LIVE VPW Experience

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