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House of Pain Wrestling Academy - Sunday 4th September - Nottingham

House of Pain

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The House of Pain Wrestling Academy returns on Sunday 4th September with its next show at Gym Combat in Nottingham.

After the amazing response from the fans and truly epic happenings on the shows themselves over our weekender in July, things are really starting to heat up in the House of Pain.




On July 31st, the HOP fans witnessed what can only be called the most emotional moment in HOP history when young, fan favourite Nate Colt defeated HOP champion "Textbook" Dave Breaks for the title in a gripping, intense and heated match. With tears in his eyes and the fans on their feet, the moment will be remember by all who saw it for a long time.

Now Nate is champion, the real hard work begins. He now, no doubt, has a target on him and the title.

What will happen when he shows up in September and who will step up and challenge for the belt first.




If Nate Colts title win was the most emotional match in HOP history, then the night before saw the most brutal when Danny Chase defended his no. 1 contendership to the cruiserweight title in a absolutely insane 4 man ladder match against Matt Pedin, "Luscious" Lucas Black and Shane Spyral. Fans were left in awe as all 4 men risked life and limb to win, taking some truly breathtaking risks.

In the end, Chase retained his contendership, only to be ambushed once again by Kaleb Hughes.

In a strange turn of events, BIG Mike Wyld rushed to the ring to stop the assault, but whilst Chase was climbing to his feet, Wyld shockingly smashed him in the head with the briefcase containing the no. 1 contenders contract.

Siding with Hughes, Wyld has turned his back on the fans, but how will Danny Chase get his hands on Kaleb Hughes with the biggest man in HOP standing in his way?




HOP management have noticed a bit of tension developing recently between firm fan favourites Matt Pedin and Shane Spyral. Maybe its a case of natural competition, but either way, HOP management are giving them the chance to get back on the winning track and to mend the friendship by teaming them together for a tag team match. Their opponents will be decided soon.


House of Pain Wrestling Academy

Sunday 4th September

Gym Combat, Nottingham

Doors 2.30pm, Show Starts 3pm


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Can't wait for the next show! :)


I still think the HOP Tag Titles should be defended or put up if they are vacant? Are the Bhangra Knights still the current holders?


I'd love to see a Fatal 4-way with The Bhangras Vs The Predators Vs Rudy/Stealth Vs Spyral/Pedin

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Due to his interference over the Boiling Point weekender, Dr Craven was entered into the 20 rumble on the Sunday as a punishment, much to the crowds delight that their favourites were going to be able to beat him to a pulp. A few chops and a massive clothesline from Nate Colt and the good doctor was history as the crowd cheered in approval.

It seems these actions have come back to haunt HOP as the legal representatives of Dr Craven have contacted us issuing legal proceedings claiming an unsafe working environment and unwarranted bodily harm.

We will of course follow this situation very closely and keep everyone updated.




There seems to be a war of words breaking out on Twitter and Facebook between "Luscious" Lucas Black and "The Heat" LJ Heron. Black is far from happy about his elimination at the hands of LJ in the Boiling Point rumble. After lasting the longest of anyone accept winner Nate Colt, Black feels robbed of his birth right of being a champion.

HOP, who always encourage things to be handled with violence, have the match official for September 4th.

"The Heat" LJ Heron vs "Luscious" Lucas Black.

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