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ECW November To Remember 1995

1. Don E. Allen vs. Broad Street Bully

2. Konnan vs. Jason

3. Stevie Richards vs. El Puerto Ricano

4. The Pitbulls vs. The Eliminators

5. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (Mexican Death Match)

6. The Sandman & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Public Enemy

7. Bill Alfonso vs. Tod Gordon (with guest referee Beulah)

8. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Steve Austin

9. Sabu vs. Hack Myers

10. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer vs. Cactus Jack & Raven



ECW November to Remember 1996

1. Taz/Bill Alfonso interview

2. Steve Richards vs. Dave Tyler (the debut of the bWo)

3. Axl Rotten vs. Hack Myers

4. Buh Buh Dudley vs. D-Von Dudley

5. Eliminators vs. Sabu/Rob Van Dam..Great Match, Amazing NonStop Action!!!

6. Chris Candido vs. Mikey Whipwreck

7. Gangstas vs. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Eliminators (3 way dance) bloodbath

8. Too Cold Scorpio interview ...Challenges several wrestlers to loser leaves town matches

9. Scorpio vs. Louis Spicolli...Loser Leaves Town

10. Taz challenges Sabu...Sabu finally confronts Taz...Incredible heat...The place goes nuts!!!

11. Sandman vs. Raven

12. Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee/Shane Douglas...Funk does a moonsault onto Douglas outside of the ring!


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