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CRW 'Rise or Fall' 2010 DVD Trailer - The anticipated DVD Rele


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After finally getting the long awaited Camera Footage of 'Rise or Fall' 2010, CRW are proud to present the DVD Trailer of 'Rise or Fall' 2010 which will be available to purchase at our next Show, 'Meltdown' on Saturday, July 30th from the Queen's Head Hotel, Morpeth.


Price TBT.



Don't worry if you can't make the show as there will be copies available at future shows and we are working on a new merchandise section of the site where you will also be able to purchase copies of the DVD from.



Please, enjoy the Trailer and if you were unfortunate enough not to make the show, hopefully this Trailer is enough to entice you to purchase a copy as many have commented as being a 'solid' show and we here at CRW feel you will enjoy just as much from your own home.







Featuring Stars such as Lionheart, Chaos, BT Gunn, Fight Club (Kid Fite &Liam Thompson), The 'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian, 'Perfect' Purdie, Martin Kirby & more!

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CRW 'Rise or Fall' 2010: BT Gunn vs. The 'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian



Here is BT Gunn vs. The 'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian from CRW 'Rise or Fall' 2010 in its entirety for you all to view.


Hope you enjoy.




Complete Revolutionary Wrestling Presents a Sample of the Rise or Fall DVD 2010 in the form of one of the most anticipated matches of the night and said by many fans who attended that this is the match or one of their favourite matches of the night. Scottish Star, BT Gunn and The 'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian squared up and clashed in a heated battle. A Match surely not to be missed and the rest of the event follows suit and turned out to be one of the biggest shows in the North-East's history!


The DVD Release for CRW Rise or Fall 2010 is released on the 30th July 2011 and will be available from all CRW shows and via the updated website (Coming Soon)


Watch this space for details on CRW Rise or Fall 2011 which is anticipated to be even better and spectacular than Rise or Fall 2010! Some HUGE announcements will be coming soon: Be sure not to miss them and follow CRW!

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