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HEW vs. WAW - Harlow Greyhound Stadium

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2 promotions collide for an important goal - The Inter-Fed Cup - contested in 4 matches with a representative from both company's and then a 4aside Survivor Series Match to decided the winners of the trophy.


Plus a HEW Women's Championship match and a Bonus Match.


HEW will be represented by: Brett Meadows, Sam Knee, Danny Blaze and Jonny Storm


WAW will be represented by: To Be Announced.


Tickets are priced at

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Unfortunately due to other commitments and the time of year, the planned show for August 20th will not go ahead as planned. we at HEW apologize for any inconvenience, for those who have purchased tickets a full refund will be given or tickets will be honored at future shows.


HEW will return to Takeley on October 27th and then will return to Harlow Stadium on November the 18th

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