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All Wheels Wrestling


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I havn't seen much information about this on the forum and so I thought I'd start a thread summarising what we know.


Next Wednesday June 29 TNA will film a pilot in the Impact Zone and also the following weekend at Daytona Beach


The Pilot is being filmed for the Speed Channel , an American Cable sports channel what specializes in Motorsport.


The Pilot will be called All Wheels Wrestling and will have elements of wrestling and motor sport .


All Wheels wrestling will be based on the team concept .


The Teams are Described on the twitter account AWWcommish as TEAM OCTANE: , "The members of Team Octane are All-American, inspired by the stock car, open wheel and drag racing series. These men know what it takes to entertain a crowd and wrestle at full tilt. This team has the bravado to talk their way out of any situation, but prefers to settle conflicts like men, in the ring. They are the odds-on favorite to win the AWW Championship Cup."


TEAM 720: Inspired by the X Games, Team 720 comes straight out of a video game. Their inspiration is BMX, snowboarding and skateboarding

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Sounds like WWE Crush Hour the videogame.

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