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Plex Wrestling Live! SUDAY AUG 21st - TOMORROW

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:With only one week to go until the show, check out this music video as a reminder just who excatly we are!




:Next Show:

Plex Wrestling presents their next live show which has been entitled "Brand New Day" on Sunday, August 21st at a more locally well known and professional leisure centre based in Farnborough.


The Farnborough Leisure Centre will host a four man knockout tournament to decide the top man in the Plex Wrestling ranks and there is also a charity raffle with all money raised going to Help for Heroes.


The show is at the afternoon kick off time (a first for Plex Wrestling) of 2:30pm, with the doors opening at 2pm. As well the tournament which will consist of two semi-final matches before the main event itself, there will be a further three matches of action packed wrestling although details are being kept under lock and key for the time being.



Farnborough Leisure Centre



Hants, GU14 7LD


Doors: 2pm - Show Start: 2:30pm




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New Update:


Next match to be announced soon!


It has been a mad week when it comes to organising Brand New Day but then something came up - something really odd! This update was due to present the second tournament match on Sunday, August 21st, only for one of the wrestler's to actually drop out, and demand a completely different match altogether. The request that they have made is a unusual one to say the least - full details to come in the next update.


Star of Stage and Screen confirmed for Brand New Day!


Plex Wrestling is please to announce one of the best up and coming actors in the UK today will be present at Brand New Day on August 21st. This man, who is also a professional wrestler and is perhaps an unsung talent in the UK will compete at Farnborough Leisure Centre on August 21st - full details to come when a opponent is found.



More news to come soon!

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News Update:


Next Match Announced!


Hold on to your sanity because things are about to get weird as Oliva Burns is coming to Plex Wrestling! Oliva was meant to take part in the knockout tournament but refused his / her entry, stating there was no "real men" in it. Oliva proclaimed that he / she will only face a real man - so this match was made!


Profiles Now Up!


Don't know much about any of the wrestlers currently announced for Brand New Day on Sunday, August 21st? Then head over to Plex Online and you can find out information about Mark Haskins, RJ Singh and Oliva Burns - just click on the profiles page!


More news to come this Wednesday!

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News Update:


Next wrestler announced!


Rishi Ghosh

Last week, it was reported that an actor of stage and screen will be wrestling on the Brand New Day on Sunday, August 21st and tonight Plex Online can reveal that this person is the one and only Rishi Ghosh - a man who is soon to make an appearance in the upcoming film "Johnny English Reborn".


Perhaps an unsung talent in the UK scene, Ghosh was famous at the now closed FWA Academy for his tag team with his brother, and former FWA tag team champion, Raj Ghosh. He is charismatic and very unpredictable to the point were one commentator described "It is hard to prepare for the sheer onslaught of weirdness that is Rishi Ghosh!"


Wherever it will be his weirdness or his background in judo, wrestling and martial arts. Ghosh is coming to Plex Wrestling to do what he does best and that is leave an impression.


Ghosh to enter knockout tournament!

Plex Online can also confirm that Rishi Ghosh will be entered into the knockout tournament on Sunday, August 21st at the Farnborough Leisure Centre. He was going to face Oliva Burns, but due to Oliva's unusual demands, Ghosh has been left without an opponent for now - more news on this situation as we get it.


Be sure to check out Plex Online for more information and details!

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News Update:


Introducing the Plex Tag Team Wrestling League!


Plex Wrestling is please to announce the introduction of its very first Tag Team Wrestling League! This will take place over several shows, as five teams will battle - the tag league will be similar to a league system used in other team sports (such as football) where the team at the number one position at the end will become the Plex Wrestling Tag Team Champions


For the teams currently announced for the tag league - and for the rules of this concept - head on over to

Plex Online!


First league match to take place on August 21st!


The Brand New Day on Sunday, August 21st, will play host to the first tag wrestling league match! The two teams to be involved are yet to be confirmed but Plex Online has found out it shall be announced closer to the August 21st show date itself.


More news to come next week - if you have not done already, be sure to book your tickets for this show because interest has already been high!

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News Update:


Next Match Announced!


The second match in the knockout tournament will be a personality clash as Rishi Ghosh finally has an opponent... in Snare! This face-painted warrior has been building a reputation around the UK scene, as a man who constantly craves his next challenge. Rishi will have a fight on his hands, and as both men are also skilled in judo as well as pro-wrestling... this one could get interesting.


More news to come soon, and be sure to check out Plex Online!

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News Update


With only 29 days to till the Brand New Day at the Farnborough Leisure Centre, Plex Wrestling is please to announce three of the best up and coming wrestlers. One to appear to at Brand New Day, while the other two have been entered into the Plex Tag Team Wrestling League.


Jason Skye


Great Britain has developed some fantastic high flying wrestlers over the past decade and a half - Plex believes Jason Skye is another one in the making. A main stay for the Essex based RCWA, Jason has quickly turned heads wherever he goes. He seems to have a natural connecting to the fans and is always willing to put on a show for them. Plex is pleased to have him wrestle on August 21st.


EDIT: Apparently someone has taken wrongly (and is seriously p***ed off) to what has been written about Jason - more on this as soon as Plex Online gets it.


The198 (Flash Morgan & Wild Boar)


Tag team partners and best friends - Flash Morgan and Wild Boar of The198 are a Welsh duo who have grown up together. Wild Boar recently made a "One to Watch" appearance for a national wrestling publication, and Plex believes Flash is right there along side him. Their chemistry, skills and athletic ability (Flash being a high flying all rounder, and Boar the pure wrestling fanatic) make them favourites already to win the tag league... but will fate agree?


More news to come here next week but keep checking out Plex Online for more news - in particular with the Jason Skye situation.

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News Update


Plex Online regrets to inform that Mark Haskins will be unable to compete on the show on August 21st, due to other commitments however Mark has picked a replacement wrestler to take his place at the Brand New Day and compete in the knockout tournament - a good friend and former training partner of his:


Ciaran Morrison


Known as the "Wrecking Machine", Morrison is no stranger to Plex Wrestling action - he has competed at Plex events in the past and is currently unbeaten within the Plex Ranks. Fighting his way back after a year long neck injury; Morrison is now said to be a man on a mission - he wants to be the best and will go through anyone to become the best - if you have not seen Ciaran Morrison before, believe us, Haskins has picked well.


:Therefore, changes to the August 21st card are as follows:


The Wrecking Machine versus the Bollywood Dream in the first match of the knockout tournament. These two men are actually not strangers to one another, and both know what the other man is capable of. Singh has promised that the Director will be at Brand New Day too, so Morrison will be outnumbered but will his fire be too much for Singh? He's not called the Wrecking Machine for nothing!

More news to come next week - be sure to visit Plex Online!

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News Update:


With only 20 days to go until show day, things are heating up like the weather! Last week it was reported that someone took offence to a write up about Jason Skye, who is appearing on the August 21st show, today we can reveal who that man is...


Josh Wall


Another member of the Essex based RCWA, Josh Wall has been a rival to Jason Skye for a long time and took execption to his booking with Plex Wrestling. Josh has stated that he has beaten Jason several times and believes he is as much a one to watch as Jason.


Plex Wrestling stands by the values of Honour, so the head promoter was blunt to Josh and said "wanna shut up and put up instead then?"


So this match was made:


Can Josh Wall back up his words or can Jason Skye back up Plex's faith in him? It's the high flyer versus the cruiserweight striker in a battle that could be the sleeper match of the afternoon!


More updates to come this week - be sure to check out Plex Online!

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Plex Wrestling stands by being for families, for honour and for wrestling - to do this we aim to produce the best and most simple value for money shows, so we are always after new fans to come down and see if we can live up to that target.

:Therefore, we would like to present this ticket offer to the UKFF:


:All Tickets:


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News Update:


Burns Out!

Plex Wrestling is sad to announce that Oliva Burns will be unable to compete at the Brand New Day on August 21st, due to realising that he / she had double booked it with "an unmissable hair appointment" - on a Sunday?


Card Shuffle!

Due to Oliva pulling out, his opponent (who accepted the open challenge) will now compete in another match, so a few matches may be changed - The Plex Match Maker has confirmed that the only match that will not change is the tournament match of RJ Singh Vs Ciaran Morrison - full card to come this weekend!


Gino Returns!

One of Plex Wrestling's founders Gino Perri will return to the promotion on Sunday, August 21st at the Farnborough Leisure Centre - Gino, who now operates as a manager for the new team of the Wild Cards, will not only be supporting his charges but also will be the host of the Brand New Day event which is now not very far away - be sure not to miss out!


More news to come this weekend! - Be sure to check out Plex Online for even more news!

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