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08-10-2011:Dutch Pro Wrestling presents:Main Event featuring RVD!

Dutch Pro Wrestling

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On saturday October 8th Dutch Pro Wrestling proudly presents Main Event starring the whole F'N show Rob van Dam (and many others still to be announced).


This your chance to see RVD in action if you happen to be near Holland. And even ask him questions in our Q & A session (which also guarentees you a picture of you and Rob).


Tickets will go on sale tuesday June 21st at 19.00 hours (UK time) and you can be there for as low as 10 euro!




30 euro, front row with a free M&G ticket. =>> SOLD OUT

25 euro, second row

20 euro; third row

15 euro, all other seats starting at the 4th row (freeseating)

10 euro, standingroom only


25 euro, the q&a with RVD incl. 1 (one) photo with you and him.


Meet and greet:

5 euro, which lets you meet all the stars except for RVD. It also enables you to reserve your free seating seat (which starts at the 4th row!) before the rest of the people come in.




14.00 hours, start of Q & A with Rob van Dam

15.00 hours, start of taking pictures of RVD and the fans


17.00 hours, start of the Meet and Greet with all the other talent

18.00 hours, main doors open

19.00 hours, start of show

21.30 End of show.


Other participants:


To be announced in the upcoming months.




Julianastraat 49 in Poeldijk (near The Hague), Holland


Free Parking


Not far away from Rotterdam The Hague Airport or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Plenty of hotels nearby.


Website: www.dutchprowrestling.com


We have limited seating so don't wait too long ordering your tickets especially for the

Q & A.


If you need any help, just send us an email at tickets@dutchprowrestling.com


Promo by RVD for our show: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xjdy24_dp...b-van-dam_sport


And finally here is some footage from the Grandslam show where Kevin Nash and Rhyno tell what they thought of DPW and its fans: http://www.dwcvideo.nl/dpw.mp4

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Correct, my apologies.


What I forgot to mention is that everybody that attended our Grandslam event (and ordered tickets online) now has the chance to take part in our 48 hour presale that ends tomorrow night. We sold out the front row pretty fast ...

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Also coming to Dutch Pro Wrestling on Oct 8th is non other then former ECW/TNA and WWE superstar Al Snow!


I can't edit the first post so let me say here that front, second and third row are all soldout. As of the 4th row and beyond it's freeseating but there are not too many tickets left before it's standing room only.


More wrestlers to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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In the mean time a lot of stuff has happened. We have announced Rob Van Dam, Al Snow, El Generico, Bad Bones & Bernard Van Damme. We are still going to announce more wrestlers in the upcoming weeks.


* Less then 30 seats remain for our show and then it's just standing room only. Seats are 15 euros and standing room only for just 10 euros.

* Q & A & picture with RVD still available but going fast. They are priced at 25 euros.

* M & G tickets (with El Generico, Al Snow and all the other stars of the show except RVD) still available for as low as 5 euros.


Dutch Pro Wrestling is Holland's premier wrestling organisation featuring guys like Kenzo Richards, Max Damon, The Grizzly Renegade and many more...


Why not take the trip to Holland turning that particular weekend in a very good weekend? Cheap flights to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven! Our arena is near The Hague which is just a 35 min. trainride from the airport.


Come and have fun at Dutch Pro Wrestling where you truly have a great time with cheap beers ;-)


If you have any questions, write us at info@dutchprowrestling.nl

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Official Dutch Pro Wrestling Main Event Results:Match 1: One-On-One MatchJoey Fields defeated Bad Bones (9:42)Match 2: One-On-One MatchEmil Sitoci defeated The Trouble Maker (12:09)Match 3: Dutch Heavyweight Championship MatchMax Damon (Champion) defeated El Generico (15:49)Match 4: One-On-One MatchMark Kodiak defeated Al Snow (20:53)Match 5: One-On-One MatchSantos defeated Tengkwa (11:34)Match 6: One-On-One MatchRob Van Dam defeated Kenzo Richards (13:52)

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