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KSW Wrestling 1st July In Redditch


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Card for 1st July Redditch Rocklands Club


Carlos Vs Daimen Black W/ Arch Angel


Maddog and Mason Vs Amazing Love


Franco Vs Villain Vs Boggz


Midlands Title - Kid Flash Vs Sebastian Knight ©


Rigour Mortis Vs Connor Marshall


KSW Championship BBD Vs Tyler Rayne


see poster for ticket details

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Going Strong!


The Neo Prophecy still hold all the KSW Titles and it looks like no one is trying to stop them. Rigour Mortis won a Number One Contenders Rumble in April but has still yet to cash in his title shot ?


"A Demon? ...He is too scared to face us! Who would hold a number one contendership and not use it? A coward... thats who and that's exactly what Rigour Mortis is! We will forever more Rayne Supreme!" - Tyler Rayne



Return Home


Kid Flash returns home on our next show on the 1st July at the Rocklands Social Club in Redditch. He had these words to say -


" I'm really, really excited about performing in my home town for the first time in my career. I cant wait to show my friends and family what I can do live in the ring."


Be prepared to see the very best of Kid Flash in Redditch im gonna take death-defying risks that you've never seen before.



This will be my best performance to date and whomever the KSW board put me against they better be ready to put it all on the line coz im out to impress!"




Good Friends,

Bitter Enemies


Once the best of friends and without a doubt the most entertaining team in KSW history Climax, Carlos and Jim E. Villain seemed inseparable. But the Villain turned his back on Climax and Carlos after a two year run by attacking his partner from behind now Carlos can't seek revenge as Jim E. Villain still has a restraining order against him.

So the KSW board are unable to book the match KSW fans want to see.

With that said Villain cost Carlos his match against King of KSW 2011 Connor Marshall at Cannock last month so what does this mean for his restraining order? Does it make it null and void?

...Carlos certainly hopes so!




Rebel Wants His Gold Back


BBD has dealt with the Neo Prophecy and he had this to say,


" Tyler, I've made your henchmen look like little boys at Cannock so its just me and you now son! I dont care whether or not Rigour Mortis is the No.1 Contender, it doesn't matter as he doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. But I'm here to say I will and I am going to do something at the next show in Redditch... screw the KSW board... Screw Rigour Mortis.... I'm coming for my KSW Title. Yeeeeah Boy!".


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