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Looking for an old merch. contact i lost.


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Hi guys,


i didn't really know where to post this question so i hope i picked a good spot..


Years ago i found a guy through ebay who had an incredible collection of rare wwe merchandise, lots of signed items and even ring worn items and the likes, and i eventually did some good bussines with him, we became friends online and i bought a few precious items of him, his ebay name was Goromania and he was from the UK i believe,he always provided picture proof on his items and a certificate.


back in the day i bought 2 signed hall of fame coins ( hogan and hitman) and a signed mr socko sock puppet.


We were negotiating for more stuff but then my life sorta fell apart, specially financially, and i had to back out and we started talking less, then i had major computer problems and lost a bunch of information including adresses.


so to make a long story short,i'm doing better on the financial part and would really love to find him again to contact him and see what, if anything, he still has for sale these days....i just have no clue where to find the guy, he doesn't seem to be on ebay anymore,his old email adress doesn't seem to work anymore 'cause i tried emailing and always get a delivery failure notification message from hotmail.


So basiclly i'm taking a gamble to see if any of you know who i'm talking about or knows were to find him, pretty much the only info i can give was his screen name always was Goromania and used to be on ebay uk...he was, i believe, an investor/stockholder of the wwe that's how he got to hang around the wrestlers often and get things signed to sell.


Should anyone know this person please let me know,i want to be his customer again

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