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For all those looking to become Professional Wrestlers in the north west, a new training school will be opening very soon in the Cheshire area! Operating under the name "Pro Wrestling GB", We aim to provide pro-wrestling training to all those who are willing to learn.


  • GB Pro Wrestling are a new Professional wrestling company formed within the Cheshire area. We provide Pro Wrestling Training as well as Promoting Live Wrestling Shows in the near future.
    The School is fully insured, with two top class trainers, we will do all we can to provide you with the skills you need.
    Training begins Sunday 18th September 2011, 10.00 am - 12.00pm, and will be held each week, with additional sessions to follow. Ages are 12+, with anybody under the age of 12, being seen by appointment first. The training itself will be fully in-ring, with a 16 x 16 ft wrestling ring up at each session.
    Location: Camm Street Gymnasium Camm Street, Crewe, CW2 7DN
    Jon "Fox" Carter:
    As a long standing member of the GPW Pro-wrestling roster, he has wreaked havoc with the combatants of the north west area. Now not only looking to join the ranks of GB Pro wrestling, but teach a new breed of wrestler along the way, Jon "Fox" Carter looks to be a force to be reckoned with.
    With a base in submission wrestling, various martial arts and lot of high flying maneuvers, Fox Carter brings a lot to the training school and to the promotion itself.
    Zack "Diamond" Gibson:
    Our second trainer for the school comes intially from the Runcorn Wrestling Academy. There he worked on his craft, branching out to various other promotions within the north west and now comes to GB Pro wrestling to help the fans of today become the talent of the future.
    Working for some of the bigger Companies in the UK today. Zack brings an avid knowledge of mat based / "British style" wrestling, as well as high impact / ariel maneuvers.
    For more information, please email rsinclair2010@gmail.com or visit

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