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IwW Results


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This weekend, IWW was a highlight of the Sheep Sheering World Championships in Kilkenny. Over the course of the weekend current IWW Champion 'The Supermodel', defended his championship twice in one day & Mandrake continued his 'Twisted Crusade' through the IWW roster before he cashes in his rematch clause.


Macho Mike Ryan didn't have the best weekend in his life when he lost to 'The Supermodel' in a championship match leading him to challenge any member of the IWW roster to prove himself. Tat2 Charlie answered the challenge defeating Mike Ryan once more. His losing streak didn't end when Insano defeated a very frustrated Mike Ryan on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how Mike battles back for our next shows, and if he can regain his composure, and redeem himself.


Multiple time powerlifting world champion Biffo Meehan displayed his strength and power against The Supermodel in The Supermodel's second championship match of the day. Despite Biffo landing a devastating pump kick to the head of the Supermodel early in the match, Supermodel had already intelligently picked apart the leg of Biffo. Biffo landed a second pump kick with the injured leg, only this time straight into a turnbuckle after Supermodel ducked out of the way, allowing Biffo to be finally taken off his feat by Supermodel's finisher.


Mandrake had a very successful Saturday winning a triple threat match against Insano & Jebus, to kick off IWW's shows at the festival. Later that day he defeated Jebus in the thrilling Zero Gravity Championship match of the weekend. This match was also featured in todays ( Mondays) Star Newspaper. Mandrake then demanded he face Tat2 Charlie, after he proved himself against Mike Ryan on Saturday. Unfortunately as Mandrake predicted he went through Tat2 just like everyone else he faced over the weekend.


In other news regarding Mandrakes big announcement, he finally sat down with Eamon Darcy once more to clearly state to him his long awaited announcement. In light of Mandrakes new Irish Cloverleaf finisher, and intention to make everyone he faces squeal & tap, Mandrake arrogantly announced that before the summer is over, he will break current IWW Champion The Supermodels leg. When a polite & shocked Darcy told him that this was more of a threat than an announcement, Mandrake angrily corrected him, because he said it WILL happen, and is thus an announcement. A shocking statement from the Zero Gravity Champion.


However Supermodel, after Mandrakes arrogant, and distubring announcement, challenged Mandrake to a non - title match to see if he can get the job done. Even though Mandrake locked his 'Irish Cloverleaf' to the legs of Supermodel, he battled back and won the match to end the festival. After being defeated by Supermodel once more, a very angered Mandrake made a shock second announcement that if he was pinned ever again leading up to, and including his title rematch against The Supermodel, that he will permanently quit the wrestling business. Things regarding this situation have gotten very heated, and one can only wonder how this will unfold over the coming months in IWW's busy summer schedule, and when Mandrake will decide to exact his rematch clause.


Full results are as follows:


Show 1


Mandrake defeated Skaterboy Jebus & Insano


Number 1 contenders Match


Biffo Meehan defeated Cork Clubber


IWW Championship Match


The Supermodel defeated Macho Mike Ryan


Show 2


Tat2 Charlie defeated Macho Mike Ryan


Zero Gravity Championship


Mandrake defeated Skaterboy Jeebus


IWW Championship Match


The Supermodel defeated Biffo Meehan


Show 3

Mandrake defeated Tat2 Charlie


Insano defeated Macho Mike Ryan


The Supermodel defeated Mandrake

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