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Ring Hire


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4FW are now in a position where we are able to hire our Ring to other promotions, if you are a company that is looking for a reliable team and fed up of using a clapped out ring that looks like it will fall to pieces at any moment then please read on.


Available For Hire: 16 X 16 foot professional wrestling ring, this is easily the best ring in the UK (Appearance, reliabilty and bumping), it will also be supplied by a very reliable and hard working crew (Which has helped with the smooth running of past Dragongate events and many more around the UK) which will leave all promoters at ease come show day.


We also have Barricades, Entranceway and Lighting available to hire and for those that want to put on Cage matches we also have the best built Cage in the UK available for hire.


All equipment available for hire at great rates, please send a pm for more information and prices.



*Please note that we will only hire to reputable promoters that have a good track record, we will by no means hire any equipment to any promoters under the age of 25 or promoters with a bad reputation.


If you are a company just starting up we will ask for a non refundable deposit to be sent a Month before the event.



I will supply pictures of all equipment in the next week.

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We can bring 2 4FW Stars with us that would be available for the events that can be put into the hire which would give you a great package deal.

Stars Available In The Deal Are Any 2 Of The 4 Listed


'Persian Prince' Behnam Ali



Owen Phoenix



Eddie Reyes



Jason Larusso



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