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5/6 boxes of VHS tapes....free to a good home


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Kinda missed the boat on the selling off of VHS's - should of probably thought about doing this 10 years ago!


Anyway, my mother is holding a gun to my head, demanding that I get rid of all my tapes; she's fed up of them all taking up space and having to move them all the time. I blame the fact that she moves house way too often.


If someone out there wants them, then you are more than welcome to pop to Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, and get them. Lots of copies but also a hundred plus official tapes. The majority are WWE/F but there are also other various feds; WCW, ECW, Japan etc...


You can have them for free, though anyone who is feeling generous is more than welcome to kindly offer a 20pound donation for all the official stuff - loads of dvd's you can have as well.


If any of you are in the Leicestershire area and like to kick it old skool with some VHS viewing then drop us a PM.\





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