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WTD: Couple of old WWF shows (from Japan mainly)


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Right, time to replace some stuff i've lost/destroyed/can't be bothered to covert from VHS.


WWF/SWS Super Wrestle '91

WWF/AJPW Summit '90


I know it's unlikely anyone will have those in superamazingquality, but if it's at least watchable (and on DVD please), give me a shout.


Plus, i'm also after..


ECW/USWA feud comp

SMW Blood, Brawls, & Grudges (either an original or a copy)

SMW Night of Legends (either an original or a copy)

SMW Superbowl of Wrestling (was this ever released as anything other than a handheld?)


Also, if anyone has a ton of those old 'Best of the WWF' Coliseum Video releases, converted to DVD, let me know, i'll probably take those too (and anyone with a good sized list of WWE 24/7 stuff, lemme have 'em).


I'll update this list as I reminisce some more about how good thing used to be (and remember what I stupidly threw away).

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