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CRW Morpeth Mayhem: Edition 6


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Following the last Installment of CRW Mayhem, The crowd witnessed the unveiling of the new faction only known as Section 5, following a number of deadly beatdowns, Lucas Marvel, Con-ARGH Stitches & Morpeth's own, Ross Comyn faced the trio. Just when all was looking positive for Marvel & Co, Section 5 arrogantly backed off and sauntered out the ring sniggering and gesturing their way to the back. With what seems to be alot more in store for Marvel and other unknown victims of Section 5, Marvel is faced with the gang once again. Who will he bring to the table?


Micky 'The' Mann and Cohash McQuade faced off in a Fast & Furious battle which fans attending the 13th May edition of Mayhem will get to witness... a rivalry that has stemmed from recent brushes with each other in CRW's renowned Scramble division. Both men breaking out of the division to settle a score one can only assume that is simply business.


The recent debut of the masked duo known as 'The Invaders' put the Lucha/Kowboy Connection to the ultimate test and they were shown a new level of brutality from the seemingly emotionless and destructive pair. El striko joins back up with partner Nik Nicholson to face The Invaders this time and a strong bond and game plan will be the best bet the Lucha Connection could place.


Mayhem also saw one of the most entertaining matches ever to grace a CRW event, Martin Kirby and Julian Werther Chambers went toe to toe. JWC summoned Ross Saxon to his aid, however a foiled plot as Jason Daniels intercepted and fending Saxon off to the back. Will Daniels finally get his chance to invoke justice on JWC?


After the match, Martin Kirby was confronted by 'The Tyneside Titan' Lowthian and was accused of 'Not taking wrestling seriously' After being commanded out the ring, Kirby stood up to Lowthian and paid the price with a huge boot to the face. The Main Event Scene is hotting up in the race for the CRW Heavyweight Title, and although it seems far away, it couldn't come sooner for the competitors as was displayed at Infamous where in a match with Lionheart, Assassin, The Saint and Lowthian all put their bodies on the line to jockey for the position for top dog. That continued on in a triple threat where it is clear that every man there is willing to do what it takes to get the job done and stay dominant for the remainder of months before the coveted Gold is up for grabs.


In the Main Event at Mayhem V, Kirby gained revenge by costing Lowthian the match with an interference. Martin Kirby has now been added to the mix at the next edition of Mayhem along with the tangled rivalry of Saint & Lowthian and the dominance of Assassin. This surely will be an interesting affair.


Tickets are on sale now from the Queens Head Hotel Reception


Adults -

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Main Event


'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian & Assassin Vs The Saint & Martin Kirby


Cohash McQuade Vs Micky 'The' Mann


Julian Werther Chambers & Ross Saxon Vs Jason Daniels and unannounced Partner


Purfect Purdie Vs Con-ARGH Stitches


Mark Xander Vs Kowboy Dan West


Lucas Marvel has requested time to address Section 5


1 other match to be announced on the night.

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