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IwW Weekend Results


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The longest title reign in IwW came to an end this past weekend. Before the match Mandrake cutting a shocking promo on fans who had supported him the past 3 years saying he played them all like puppets. The Supermodel of all people came to defend the fans talking about being more humble after his TV3 & RTE appearances. It took 3 "Nose jobs" finishers to finally end Mandrakes impressive 3 year reign & crown The Supermodel the 6th International Heavyweight Champion. (Pictures & videos to follow)


In other news two more IwW trainees made their Debut with Crusher Finn coming up short to IwW's Captain Rooney & the masked Deathwish making his debut in 6 Man & Rumble outings.



Skaterboy Jeebus beat Salem Soultaker


Tat2 Charlie pinned Walter Alexander


TJ Meehan overcame Paddy Whack


Skaterboy Jeebus, Tat2 Charlie & Paddy Whack defeated Salem Soultaker, Walter Alexander & TJ Meehan


Mandrake retained his IwW Int Championship against The Supermodel




Captain Rooney pinned Crusher Finn


Tat2 Charlie overcame Skaterboy Jeebus


TJ Meehan beat Walter Alexander


TJ Meehan won an 8 Man Rumble


The Supermodel beat Mandrake for the IwW International Heavyweight Championship



Walter Alexander pinned TJ Meehan


Tat2 Charlie beat Crusher Finn


Mandrake retained his IwW Zero Gravity Championship against Skaterboy Jeebus


Skaterboy Jeebus, Deathwish, Walter Alexander & Crusher Finn defeated The Galway Grappler, Mandrake, Tat2 Charlie & TJ Meehan


The Supermodel retained his IwW Int Heavyweight Championship against Soultaker Salem

Thanks to all the fans who supported us the weekend!




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