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Feedback on Tickets 4 Wrestling

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Hi one and all,

Tickets 4 wrestling has been going for a number of weeks now and we are growing well.

Wrestling promotions love the idea and are or about to sell tickets with us over the next couple of months.

Promoters have provided their feedback; however I would love to hear yours, the fans.


What do you think of the idea of the site?

Do you think the site is needed in the wrestling industry?

Have you used the site?

Is the site clear and concise to use?

Have you purchased, thinking of buying or going to buy a ticket?

What wrestling promotion would you like to see on T4W and would buy tickets for?

Anything, please do tell?


No one has to answer I am just wanting to make sure that T4W is kept abreast of the fans wants and needs.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


Kind Regards

Stephen Reeves


Tickets 4 Wrestling.co.uk

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I can appreciate your business idea Steven but for me i just cannot see this being a viable business model or being an attractive thing to a wrestling promoter. If you are already promoting your website on places like here and any other outlets where the promoters you work for allready advertise then it just really does not come across as being an attractive business proposition.


If you were to approach me with joining your website if i ran a promotion then i would say no. The reason being is that if you are advertising online the same places i allready promote then there is no incentive for me to sell my show tickets with you as my fans know allready where to get tickets and i do not need to give away a percentage of my advance ticket gate or have people pay more than the ticket face value to cover costs to a third party.


What would be attractive to me is if you had some real marketing such as you had paid for a large national media campaign like you bought advertising in national newspapers and radio getting the website into the mainstream. Tell me that due to your mainstream advertising your website has thousands upon thousands of hits per month and that being part of your site would increase presales by a significant ammount that after you take your ticket sales cut/commision it makes me a bigger profit on running my wrestling show then i would be interested.


The only way i can see promoters being interested at this level is if the venue that they are running an event in does not have any way to sell tickets in advance so you being able to provide an outlet to buy tickets in advance would be fesable.

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In that respect it is good for advance sales, as well as the actual physical tickets ,(as im guessing that invokes a cost to produce at least half decent tickets).


For the Advance sales reason i'd say it was a good idea, i believe SWA and a coupld of others are allready on board.


The only other thing for me the website could do iwith a bit more info!

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Personaly I think its a great idea. Espically for venues you can't sell tickets in advanced from.


I agree with Tom on certain points, for the promoter there is no harm on using your website, but it does add extra if you manage to advertise the site on a more national basis with a big advertising compagin, however I know thats useless unless you have a good number of promotions signed up from around the UK.


Once the site starts to get busy and has alot of promotions signed up, it would be good to be able to select your area and see what shows were in that part of the country ect.. maybe on a month basis.

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Sounds like it has been well thought out. I wish you the best of luck with it.

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