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The Welsh Wrestling Academy

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The Welsh Wrestling Academy


Have you ever dreamt of stepping into the wrestling ring and pursuing a career as a professional wrestler? If so, then The Welsh Wrestling Academy is here to help you!! We provide the best and most progressive wrestling training in Wales, with tutors that have over twenty years worth of experience between them. So whatever style you wish to learn, be it technical, highflying, brawling etc The Welsh Wrestling Academy is here to help you!!


Not only will we help you live out your dreams by training you in the art of professional wrestling, but we'll also give you the stage to put into practice all that you learn from your time training at our academy, because as well as wrestling training, we also run regular Academy Shows, which gives our trainees the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience! So when it comes to wrestling training in Wales, look no further than The Welsh Wrestling Academy!!


The Welsh Wrestling Academy holds training sessions on the first sunday of every month (dates shown below), and takes place at the Port Talbot YMCA. Training is from 12:30pm to 17:30pm and costs just

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