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Fantasy League anyone?


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Hey guys, brand new member here but determined to become a regular :)


I was a huge fan of WWF/E when I was growing up and very recently got interested again with all the hype of WrestleMania. Now that I've gotten to know the newer members of the roster I'm looking to find like-minded fans who are interested in joining my fantasy league. Not the roleplay eFeds or anything like that, just a bit of fun selecting superstars to gain points over a couple of months and see whose picks have done best. The reason I'm trying to start my own league is that I have been a member of StableWars in the past but found it very impersonal and not much to look at. I'm hoping that with enough members, we could all have as much (or as little) of a hands on experience as we wanted. Maybe if things take off I'll look to offer prizes for the end of each season, but that's the future :thumbsup:


So if anyone's interested, either give me a message on UKFF or head straight to the site: MCW


Thanks for listening at least ;)

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