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wrestling - Bidds (stoke) 22nd April


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It'll be by a group By the Name of the "Welsh Wrestling Alliance". more recently i have heard they've started booking in actual talent, such as bubblegum/Zack Diamond etc, as in all fairness a long time ago they did put on some dire stuff.


From what ive heard they seem to have sorted that side of things out. Bar that i cant tell you much more, a link is on facebook, and i believe they also have a website. So i wouldnt say top notch ,(like fsw/GPW) but if they have managed to get better on the production front, im sure you could do alot worse. A couple of decent guys work for them, and they probably could do with changing the name of the place if they run shows in england, but again i've heard they are getting better.




Although i would recommend trying to get out to see guys like GPW/Futureshock/XWA at some point also.

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hey BOWYO,



many thanks for your info- sounds like most local promotions,it takes time to sort themselves out !!!!!


i used to follow GPW from their early days(Lee Butler,TJ Cain etc) and when they moved onto the Monaco

ballroom-but ive moved now and its t more difficult to get to their shows,however i have seen some of thier talent

on All Star shows


same with Futureshock and XWA - in my opinion all decent promotions



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