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VPW School of Excellence Training Camp

Team VPW

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VPW The UK's No.1 Sports Entertainment Company for the second time opens its doors for a 2 day training camp on Saturday & Sunday 9th and 10th of April.


The head instructor for the weekend will be The UK KID who has been in the wrestling business over 10 years, was trained by WWE legend Shawn Michaels and WWE Hall of Famer - Dory Funk Jr.


The UK KID has taught, and has been taught in some of the worlds best schools including UPW in California giving the VPW head trainer a wide range of knowledge and experience at picking the curriculum to achieve the best results ,


Kip James AKA Billy Gunn : "If I was an aspiring wrestler in the UK, the VPW training school is the only place I'd choose to train..."


Bob Holly AKA Hardcore Holly : "VPW is unquestionably the best school around bar none - Tom (UK Kid) was trained by two of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace a pair of boots (Shawn Michaels & Dory Funk) and he just 'gets' the business, I can't say that about alot of guys. If I was a wrestler just coming in I would want him to train me. I

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