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Frank Mir MMA Seminar

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I will put a link to this in the MMA thread. Thought this might be of some interest to some of you guys on here


Just got an email from a mate of mine who runs an MMA gym in Manchester




Frank Mir.......


Frank Mir Seminar.....


Frank Mir Seminar in Manchester......


Frank Mir Seminar in Manchester at the Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre.......


Saturday 30th July 2011. More details to follow soon!




There is a little more information on the website


Fighting Fit Martial Arts Website


I'll update this post with more information as I get it.


I have been roped into filming it so that should be quite a good laugh. Will post some videos on here when it is all said and done.



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And Barnsley


I know the people who are bringing him over got several OTHER dates


UFC Duane Ludwig 16 - 23 April 2011

UFC Chris Leben 23 April - 1 May

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace 1 May

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones 7 - 15 May

BJJ and UFC Legend Royce Gracie 27 May - 5 June

UFC Marcus Davis 1 - 16 July

UFC Frank Mir 23 -31 July

Gabriel Gonzaga 1 - 11 September

UFC Rashad Evans 17 - 25 September

UFC Kenny Florian 8 - 16 October

UFC Thaigo Alves 12 - 20 November

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