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Original ECW VHS collection for sale (yes vhs is a dead format)


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Been having another sort out and have 17 original ECW PPV VHS tapes for sale, preferably as one job lot. Now I know vhs is obviously a dead format, but if you have one of those vhs to dvd converters it would be great, or if you're a collector, as I don't see these events getting released again anytime soon. The 17 videos are the ones which were all released before they started dubbing over the original music so you get all the great entrance themes.


The tapes are


Barely Legal 97

Hardcore Heaven 97

November To Remember 97

Heatwave 98

Living Dangerously 98

November To Remember 98

Guilty As Charged 99

Anarchy Rulz 99

November To Remember 99

Living Dangerously 99

Heatwave 99

Hardcore Heaven 99

Living Dangerously 2000

Hardcore Heaven 2000

Heatwave 2000

Guilty As Charged 2000

Anarchy Rulz 2000


Like I said i'd prefer to sell as one job lot, and would probably be looking for around

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