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Wrestling event Didcot Oxfordshire


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That sounds like three great matches already, a show not to be missed.


James Mason & Karl Kramer are two of Britain's very best and never disappoint.

Kade Kallous and Stevie Starr are tearing up halls with their batttles for the title all over Wales right now, and putting on some cracking matches.

Mark Haskins v Johnny Kidd has to be every true wrestling fans "dream match". Possibly the best young British wrestler of today, against a man who wrestles very infrequently today, but who everybody in the business still look up to as the "best of the best".


It had already gone on my calendar, I will be there! :thumbsup:

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I keep getting private messages about the johnny Kidd and mark haskins match and is it really going to happan as it seems an unusual match to have on. I have checked and the main organisers and they have 100% assured me that the match will definately take place and it will be under official world of sport rules. 2 falls 2 submissions or a knock out will decide the winner.

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More names taking part in April 15th event at Didcot Football Club are


Welsh tough guy Mean Tommy Dean


Kents tip for the top Danny Driscol


Mystery man Chinoble Charlie


Kid Cool


more names and matches to be confirmed.

Tickets on sale now or on the door on day of event


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The show was not really aimed at the purists nor the wrestling nerds either. It was simply top quality family entertainment for those wanting a night of enjoyable "holiday-camp style" wrestling; and that was exactly what it provided.


It was a well balanced show with something for everyone and I'm certain that the audience all went home happy and contented when "local boy" James Mason overcame the evil "Mean" Tommy Dean and Kade Kallous to win the rumble.


I was slightly disappointed that Mark Haskins v Johnny Kidd was not an "old-style" rounds match, but I suspect within the "plan" for the show that might have been dificult. It was nevertheless old style quality wrestling at its very best. Johnny Kidd is always a joy to watch, and Mark Haskins demonstrated his amazing talent by showing us all that he can match an old style maesto like Kidd move for move as well as wrestle in a style to suit Japan or TNA. The non-wrestling audience may not have quite understood this match but nevertheless they seemed to thoroughly enjoy their bit of wrestling education.

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