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BWP Resurrexion Sunday - 24 April Saltney Tavern, Saltney, Chester


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The Superstars of Britannia Wrestling Promotions return to Saltney Tavern for yet another action packed explosive evening of grappling action!





Four Men will compete to be crowned the new BWP World Catchweight Champion



CJ Banks


Babyfaced Pitbull





'Italian Stallion' TVB

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It is with regret to announce that DCB has suffered a severe back injury. The BWP World Catchweight Champion has been rendered him unfit to participate in the forthcoming BWP Resurrexion Sunday to defend his title against the Babyfaced Pitbull. Due to the serious nature of the injury and unknown recovery time BWP Founder Steve Saxon has had no alternative to strip the title from DCB.


Instead the main event will be a four man tournament to crown the NEW BWP World Catchweight Champion. The participants are:-


BWP's Tag Team Champion - Sabotage

Making his debut in the BWP - CJ Banks

The Brand Representative - Cyanide

The BWP #1 Title Contender - Babyfaced Pitbull

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Winterz and Wynne Will Banned From Resurrexion



A shocking statement released this evening from BWP Owner Steve Saxon


'Due to recent events I will personally be on hand at Resurrexion Sunday and will make sure that the new Champion will be crowned fairly & impartially.


Again, due to recent events I fully acknowledge that there has been some foul play courtesy of The Brand, namely my co-General Manager Sebastian Winterz and The Brands mouthpiece Rudy Wynne - seeing as I will be available to take care of my own affairs first hand I am giving my both Mr Winterz and Mr Wynne the evening off ... there is no need to thank me, thats just the kind of guy I am.


The 4 Superstars have been selected ... one of them will end Sunday 24th April as BWP World Catchweight Champion ... YOU, the people of Chester, the BWP Nation, will decide who will face who - I will personally allow you to select which of the 4 Superstars face each other in the 2 KO rounds ... the winners of both will go on to face for the ultimate prize!


A new Champion WILL be crowned, a new leader WILL be made and a new era WILL begin.'


So, the boss is back, no Brand interference and a 4 man knock-out tournament - who do you think will away from BWP Resurrexion Sunday as the NEW BWP World Catchweight Champion?

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Due to a scheduling conflict, Zack Diamond is unable to be at BWP Ressurexion Sunday. In his place is a grudge match featuring a former BWP Catchweight Champion.


D-Mac won the BWP Catchweight Championship in Denbigh Town Hall last year, only to lose it when his friend - DJ King - turns his back on him and joined The Brand. D-Mac has a chance for revenge at Resurrexion Sunday!

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Results from Sunday's show


In a special feature contest prior to the announced card, Jacob Israel defeated "The Hangman" Draven Cage by pinfall


The show opened properly with the 'four man parade' involving BWP Tag Team Champion Sabotage, "The Juice" CJ Banks (making his BWP debut), The Brand's Alex Cyanide & Team Taz's Babyfaced Pitbull. Numbers were chosen at random to determine the two qualifying semi-final bouts, ahead of the evenings main event final to determine a new BWP World Catchweight Champion.


In the first semi-final of the Catchweight title tournament, the Babyfaced Pitbull defeated "The Juice" CJ Banks by submission via the Canine Clutch.


In a singles bout The Red Saint defeated The Brand's Craig Danzig by pin fall following an Asai DDT


In a triple threat match, Jim "The Metal" King defeated Danny Sensation & D Mac , scoring the pin fall on Sensation after a Fireman's Carry into a European Upper-cut


In the second semi-final of the Catchweight title tournament, Alex Cyanide defeated Sabotage by pin fall after a belt shot and a running splash. The end came when Brand-mates Stacey Rose & Craig Danzig distracted the referee long enough for Cyanide to drill his opponent with the Catchweight Championship belt.


Shaun "The Hammer" Davis defeated "The Italian Stallion" TVB by pin fall, following a pump-handle powerslam, to become the new BWP Rookie Division Champion


In a tag bout "The Wild Boys" (Dylan Roberts & Danny Valentine) defeated "The Classic Combo" ("The Classic" Ciar

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