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WWE DVDs for sale at cheap prices


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I'm selling my WWE DVD collection and I'm wondering if anyone in the UK is interested. I've already sold most of my documentary/superstar sets but I'm yet to start selling my PPVs


I'm selling all PPVs from:


Tagged Classics:


Wrestlemania 1/2

Wrestlemania 3/4

Wrestlemania 5/6

Wrestlemania 7/8

Wrestlemania 9/10

Wrestlemania 11/12

Wrestlemania 13/14 SOLD

Royal Rumble 89/90

Royal Rumble 91/92

Royal Rumble 93/94

Royal Rumble 95/96

Royal Rumble 97/98

Summerslam 92/93

Summerslam 94/95

Summerslam 96/97

Survivor Series 97/98

In Your House 1/2

In Your House 11/12

In Your House 13/16

In Your House 14/15

In Your House 23/24

In Your House 25/26 SOLD

Fully loaded/Unforgiven 99 SOLD

No Way Out/Backlash 00 SOLD

King Of the Ring 97/98


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