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SWA: Battlezone, Paisley Town Hall, April 1st


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SWA storms into the Paisley Town Hall after one of THE most controversial nights in Scottish Wrestling History, bringing literally the biggest match along with it, the 30 man over the top rope BATTLEZONE!


Back on February 26th in Bellahouston, during the main event of The Gathering 4 we witnessed one of the most action charged, fast paced and bone breaking Steel Cage match ups for the top title in the SWA. It was here that SWA Co-Owner PJ Murphy turned on Scottish Heavyweight Champion Scott Renwick, allowing Eric Canyon to take the belt for a record-tying third time as well as FULL control of the Scottish Wrestling Alliance! After the match up, the new union of Canyon and Murphy added insult to injury literally by beating on and injuring Renwick, and then destroying his best friend Damian O

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With a week and a half to go, we've got some last minute announcements for Battlezone on Friday April 1st, Paisley Town Hall!


SWA Tag Team Championship

Areodynamic Combat Explision (Falcon & Junior) defend against T2K (Wolfgang & James Scott)

The new SWA Tag Team Champions Falcon and Black Samurai Jr. a.k.a. the Aerodynamic Combat Explosion survived a hectic FIVE TEAM tables, ladders and chairs match to walk away with the Titles! After months of being screwed out of their opportunities by former Champions S.T.I. the high flying masked duo managed to overcome all the odds in a breathtaking match! But they can

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I've had a couple of questions on tickets in my inbox...


...unlike Source where you can reserve tickets, SWA shows can be bought in advance from Ticketweb (here: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb...;interface=swa). Tickets will be on the door on the night too.


Any predictions for the Battlezone?

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Tonight 30 men will do battle in the 30-man Battlezone event once again to win the oppertunity to fight for the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship at the Gathering. With 30 men competing in a huge battle royal, the tension is always on as one man fights to be the last man standing to win the big prize! In the past, the Battlezone has been filled with surprises including Falcon winning the title after it was put on the line due to the previous champions injuries, Scott Renwick winning in 2009 to go on to win the title at the Gathering, and last year we saw Eric Canyon win to gain the championship he now holds dear.


This year things have been kept under wraps, but SWA Online can confirm that several names confirmed to appear in the massive battle royal include James

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Quick Results & Thoughts


Paul Tracey def Andy Anderson

Good little match to start the show


A.C.E. def T2K (Tag Team Championship)

Solid tag match with BSJ taking most of the damage mid match (again)


Glen Dunbar def Dickie Divers (#1 Contenders Match Laird of the Ring @ Govan Game Plan) Joe Coffey @ Ringside

Pre match Marty got intro's muddled up & Joe corrected him

The match was solid as Jam assisted Dunbar by distracting the ref as Divers had Glen Beat


Sara def Kirsty Love

Nice little match between the 2 (not hurt by being face v face) post match Viper went after Kirsty then Sara Brawled with her to the back & Nikki Storm went to help only to turn on Kirsty & Beat her up


Eric Canyon & Adam Shame def BMW (Adam made Scott Tap out to an Armbar on the injured sholder)(if Adam failed to comply he would have been fired)

Solid brawl with Shame/Canyon Focusing on Butchers Bad Sholder


The 2011 BattleZone won by Scott Renwick

fun little gimmick match with some nice little spots. Entry & Exit List Below


Entry List


01. BT Gunn

02. Damien O'Conor

03. Mark Anthony w/Butler Yum

04. Jackie Pollo

05. Dickie Divers

06. CJ Hunter

07. Andy Anderson

08. Nathan Black

09. Joe Coffey

10. Hilo James Tyler

11. Glen Dunbar

12. Craig Byres

13. Adam Shame

14. Lewis Girvan

15. Charles William Yum w/MA

16. John the Bomb Graham

17. Paul Tracey

18. Falcon

19. Jam O'Mally

20. Rickie Gibson

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Well done for getting all the entry order and elimination mate. Really enjoyed the Battlezone but I always enjoy Rumble style matches. Paul Tracey and Scott Renwick were particularly impressive. Looking forward to the next main show at Govan on April 30th.

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Is Charles William Yum the guy that came out with Mark Anthony at After Hours?


Yes it was. Young Charles' family have been in service to the Anthony's for generations.


Cheers to everyone who came out to play last night! And apologies for the few people who tried to speak to me at intermission - I was running around like a maniac, quite literally (that was a weeks worth of cardio!). Massive show, great laugh and a great atmosphere thanks to all in the crowd!

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