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Cycling Thread

Fat Boy Mendoza

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I have just started getting into cycling in the last few months and wondered if any other UKFFers enjoy it. In the summer months I used to cycle to and from work on a rusty old mountain bike with bent wheels. Early in the new year I invested in a road bike and have used it every day (including weekends). I say "invested" but I actually got my bike through the Ride To Work Government scheme that my company is part of. Check it out


Ride 2 Work Scheme


Have started doing some longer runs out at the weekend and am thinking of doing the Manchester to Blackpool cycle in July. It is 60 miles and I have only ever done 20 miles in one go so I need to get training.


I found this cool little app for my Blackberry Sporty Pal which allows me to time myself and plot out my routes and such. The GPS is playing up at the mo but it has been a good way of keeping track of my rides.


Any of you guys regular cyclists and if you are in the North West can you recommend and good cycle routes.

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