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Big man VS Big man, Giant VS Giant or Goliath VS Goliath


Whatever you want to call this match - it's definately not one to miss!

Havok comes into this match very confident, having already gained victories over other big men on our roster, such as Tiny (who we haven't seen back in the XWCA since his defeat to Havok) but Havok's confidence maybe short lived if Cyanide has anything to do with it.


Back at our last show (Xtreme Halloween) Cyanide made it very clear that his target was Havok. Having interupted him following his match with Deano Linski, neither man backed down and just as things were about to get heavy, Havok declined Cyanide's offer for a match there and then, more to the crowds disappointment. Cyanide, later on in the night, still with rage in his eyes went on to make quick work of Chris Holmes with his impressive offence and strength. But, the question is, come March 19th has Havok bitten off more than he can chew, or will he do to Cyanide what he has done to others in the past and send him packing out of the XWCA.


Only time will tell.






More matches to be announced this coming week.





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The XWCA are proud to announce the next match in our lineup.


Danny Hope VS Kris Travis


'The Model' Danny Hope comes into this match 'UNDEFEATED' well he does if you ask him! But our records show 3 wins and 1 loss, the loss was by the hands of 'MVK' Val Kabious at Xtreme Halloween.

Word has it Danny was suffering from severe jet lag and exhaustion after travelling back (without much notice) from Milan, where 'The Model' had appeared in numerous fashion shoots. He believes it was unfair and his loss should be erased from our record books.


His opponent for the evening is Kris Travis.


Travis comes into this match alone, and when we say alone we mean without his usual tag team partner Martin Kirby, better known together as Project Ego.

With Kirby absent this will be Travis's first single competitive match in the XWCA, and we are very excited for this!

Travis is well known all around the UK for being one of the best, with his fastpaced, jaw dropping aerial offence, he is sure to show case his wrestling talent and give it his all against Danny Hope.


Even without Kirby by his side, we are sure the Grimsby crowd will be fully behind him, and give him the support and strength he will need to defeat 'The Model' Danny Hope and claim his first singles win in XWCA.





The remaining two matches shall be announced by the end of this week!




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'' These two men have met many times before but only ever in tag team competition, NEVER one on one! We at the XWCA are proud to announce for the very first time, anywhere on the British wrestling scene.Danny Hope VS Kris Travis''


they faced each other in singles competition at DPW chief...

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Our penultimate match announced for the evening will see 'Textbook' Dave Breaks take on 'Super' Sam Bailey.


Breaks and Bailey are no strangers to each other here at the XWCA.

Bailey has been a thorn in Break's side since day one, he has managed to defeat him on two occasions, both by reversing Break's finishing hold 'the chicken wing' which infuriated Breaks to the point where he demanded their third match be a submission only match.


Breaks went on to make Bailey tap out with 'the chicken wing' hold. Still not happy that Bailey holds one more victory over him he throws down a challenge to Bailey, a winner takes all match.


After months of serious consideration and months of nagging from Breaks over the stipulation of the match, the general manager has decided to keep both wrestlers on their toes and announce the stipulation on the night.



With this in mind, how will Breaks and Bailey prepare for the unknown?






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