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House of Pain Academy - Gym Wars 1

House of Pain

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Just posting the results for the first gym wars show.

I didn't advertise the first one as it was a bit of a trial run to see how it went in the new venue, so only friends family and long time devotees of our website came, but after its success, we will definitely be doing more.


Nate Colt and "Danger" Russ beat The Carnival of Sin (Virus and Barricade).


"Luscious" Lucas Black beat BIG Mike Wyld


"The Heat" LJ Heron and Matt Hall beat "Diamond" Dave Andrews and Tony Asbo


Kaleb Hughes beat Dropkick James Murphy


Callum Piper, Shane Spyral and Matt Pedin beat The Asylum (Brian Wright, Zero Tolerance and "Crazy" Chris Connel) with their psychiatrist Dr. Craven.

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I attended this show, and would say I was very impressed with the guys who were appearing on their first show. The 6 man tag at the end was very well done, everyone played their role well and I have too say Matt Pedin was a stand out.

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