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4FW: Live! Bristol, Somerset {Saturday 7th May 2011}


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4 Front Wrestling debut in Bristol, after searching endlessly for a perfect venue in the City we finally found that venue and it is stunning and will play host to a massive and impressive card on Saturday 7th May.


4FW are producing the finest and most exciting new talent around and Management have decided to step up the amount of events run in the UK, with aims of running over 50 shows in 2012 and 100 in 2013, the foundations are been layed throughout 2011along with this the production of the events will get bigger and better month by month, we are really excited by the growth of the 4FW product, we will also announce a new venue next week in another area we have been aiming to run in for a long time.



: Official Event Poster :




: Announced Matches :



4FW Heavyweight Championship

'Man Mountain' Matt Lomaxx vs. The Saint




The Saint will defend his 4FW Heavyweight Championship against Challenger 'Man Mountain' Matt Lomaxx at our first visit to Bristol in what is set to be a huge battle of the heavyweights, these 2 combatants have only ever faced off once before with The Saint ending up the winner of the match, Lomaxx has promised huge success in 2011 will this be the start of the angry bruisers reign of terror?


The Saint has stated he will defend the 4FW Championship against all challengers and Lomaxx was chosen by Management, this will be hard hitting and intense battle between 2 of Britains most talented heavyweights.



: 4FW: Junior Heavyweight League 2011 Updated :



4 Front Wrestling are proud to introduce the Junior Heavyweight League, the League consists of 10 of the top Junior Heavyweight talents currently plying there trade in the United Kingdom.


The Junior Heavweight League rules:


Every Wrestler will compete in 18 matches from January through to October.

Each match will have a 25 minute time limit.


3 points for a win.

1 point for a draw.

0 points for a loss.


The Wrestlers that finishes in the bottom 2 will be removed from the League for 2012.

The Wrestler that comes top will receive a Trophy, prize money from sponsors and a shot at the 4FW Junior Heavyweight Champion (If the Junior Heavyweight Champion wins the League he will receive a Heavyweight Championship match).



: 4FW: Live! :

Saturday 9th April 2011


Emerson Green Village Hall, Emerson way, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7AP


Doors Open: 6:30pm

Event Starts: 7:00pm



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